Ex-Gay Therapist: Dominant Women “Demasculinize” Men

If you are married or dating, in most cases, your wife or girlfriend has not struggled with SSA and will not understand your recovery process. It is up to you to help educate her about your needs…Tell her, also, ‘I need to be the man of the house. Let me be the man of the house.’ Dominant women only demasculinize men. A man has got to be the lion of the den. Not in an abusive manner though.”

—  National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) Scientific Advisory Board member and now noted misogynist, James Phelan, discusses the importance of sexual dynamics in his book, Practical Exercises For Men In Recovery Of Same-Sex Attraction, via Truth Wins Out.

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  • samfw

    Yes, because it’s the real Alpha Males that say, “Please let me be the man of the house.”

  • 2eo

    James Phelan, spouse beater.

  • MK Ultra

    Ex-gay therapy demasculinizes men, as well as dehumanizing them. Just look at tne creature in tne picture.
    That woman hater doesn’t have a masculine bone in his gross body.

  • Charli Girl

    I guess my 18 wheeler that has ” Alpha Female ” Painted on the back wouldn’t be a hit at their party’s????

  • Aidan8

    Oh god…. help us…. deliver us from these freaks….

  • phillybb

    I am actually a real, legitimate therapist and the “advice” here is strictly fiction from the 1940’s. This is the most asinine alleged “advice” that could be given to someone struggling with their sexuality. Wow, I do have to call this charlatan kudos for stating the king of his castle should not be abusive………..loll and of course, this is going to make someone straight, no an ex -gay. pathetic!

  • Gemma

    He does know that lionesses rule, lions do not..

  • mad4maddy

    Oh I needed a good laugh today. It’s so absurd that all I can do is laugh.

  • Tapeis

    Dominant Women “Demasculinize” Men.

    I think that’s true of both dominant women *and* dominant men [and women], that’s the whole thrust of being ‘dominant’.

    Except in the bedroom, I don’t like anyone being ‘dominant’, I think it’s rude, depending on what’s being done. If the dominant (man or woman) is getting something I want accomplished, like getting me out of jail, great, you’re hired.
    If the dominant person is cutting in line or not giving me equal talk time, etc, then I prefer to avoid them.

    As for the bedroom, there’s dominant ‘you do all the work’ and dominant ‘I’ve got a lot of energy for this’, so, again, it depends on if the outcome is desired or annoying.

    As for male / female relationships, Google “Lesbian Bed Death” and note that a lack of testosterone is a major problem, you end up with two sisters laying there staring at the ceiling waiting for the other to do something. This is *their* complaint, I don’t really care, except to feel sorry for them not getting a joy of sex after about an average of 6 to 12 months.

    As for men, perhaps too much testosterone, jumping from one relationship to another because the world is my playground, why should I wait for a serious relationship?

    Dominant? I was delighted when my significant other plowed through the crowd and got us a couple of seats at the bar, I would have waited 25 minutes or walked out, instead I was chowing down with the best view in the room, watching the chef make noodles like a pizza maven, let her take that duty. I just now need to research if me letting her do everything could turn her off to me. I’ve read one article that it, indeed, will.
    Google ‘dominant behavior’ and read for yourself what sexual impact it has on a woman (some, not all) when she becomes dominant. Could lead to more of that dreaded ‘bed death’, can’t say I’m a fan of that idea.

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