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Ex-Wife of JetBlue’s Steve Slater Confirms Gay Stereotype: He Wants to Be a Fashion Designer

While the still unidentified passenger that set off Steven Slater faces a $25,000 fine, it’s just that sort of cash that could help the JetBlue flight attendant realize his dream of becoming America’s next top designer.

“He’d love his own fashion line. He’s a brilliant merchandiser,” says ex-wife Cynthia Niethamer. “Actually, we met working at JC Penney when we were 16. He’s absolutely stellar at it. I think that would be a dream.”

I’m sure there’s at least one reality show producer out there who’d like to invite him on a Project Runway rip-off? Or maybe Lifetime would like to have him? Ooh, even better: Celebrity Apprentice!

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  • Black Pegasus

    Am I the only one who is NOT a fan of what he did?

    Sure, we all get pissed off on our jobs every now and then, but what this guy did was totally Queeny in my view. I worked at a department store my first year in college. The pay was shitty, the customers were rude and unappreciative, and the managers were no better. Yet I always reminded myself that customer service is what it’s all about.

    Sometimes you have to rise above the situation and be the better man/woman. JMO

  • ronnie

    That big queen has an ex-wife?!


    Makes perfect sense considerin’ he looks like the long lost son of ……


  • chris

    working at JC Penny does not equate to being talented in the fashion industry LOL….

  • Michael

    I see a beer commercial in his future.

  • Lysander Spooner

    Finally, one of the contestants faces Trump and yells, “You’re fired.”

  • matt

    What kind of fucking website is this?

    fucking faggots.

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