Exodus International Pres Alan Chambers Is Super Scared Of Looking Stupid On Television

You remember Alan Chambers, President of the ex-gay organization Exodus International? He helped support Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill and opposes Judge Walker’s Prop 8 decision in favor of same-sex marriage. Well, according to Wayne Besen the founder of Truth Wins Out (TWO)—the anti-religious extremism that exposed Marcus Bachmann’s ex-gay clinic— Chambers has instructed television and radio producers “that they will lose access to all ‘ex-gays’ if they ever interview TWO spokespeople; Besen says “four trusted media sources have confirmed” the strategy.

Haha! Chambers holds the key to the entire nation’s supply of ex-gays. Without him, YOU GET NOTHING!!!!

That’s too bad though. We’d love to see Besen set Chambers’ flimsy ex-gay arguments aflame on live television. Especially since reality TV has become so passe.

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  • Ian

    OMG. That’s a screamer-face. Can you say self-loathing closet-queen?

  • Tony

    How can they lose access to something that doesn’t really exist? Is he gonna cut off their access to unicorns, too? Purple bunnies?

  • PTBoat

    Please, these fringe people live for media coverage and know that they should not be covered because there is no such thing as an ex gay. Sure, there might be some people who are celibate from same sex relations, and who try to remind themselves daily that they are “straight” and not gay, but there is no such thing as a real ex-gay. Ask them. Too bad they are treated as if they have any credibility at all.

  • John

    @Tony: Ex-White bunnies exist, you fascist! Purple is all bunnies’ natural colour, and they can be converted by the magical power of prayer from the grotesque and immoral white bunnies, who flaunt their whiteness, and molest baby bunnies!
    Now you will no longer get access to Ex-White bunnies, for I am the only one who controls them!!!!

  • ewe

    Alan Chambers is a self hating nutcase who censors his own thoughts as well as those on his blog that comment negatively toward his hate speech. Notice how all ex gays cannot take their eyes off your crotch? What a freagin joke.

  • SammySeattle

    “Chambers holds the key to the entire nation’s supply of ex-gays.”

    All three of them.

  • Fitz

    Is that Paul Lynde’s gayer younger brother?

  • Jim

    That photo will forever haunt my nightmares.

  • Cam

    Gee, so they can’t interview bigots and crazies? What a loss.

  • Henry

    He has a big forehead for someone with such a tiny brain!

  • RainbowWarrior

    This is the best win-win scenario EVER. They interview TWO on every network, then the ex-gays aren’t even allowed to go on and defend organizations like Exodus. To all appearances, it then looks to the public like no one can defend the practices of ex-gay ministries. THANK YOU, GAY GOD!

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