Fabulis Has Arrived. And Now the Queens Will Decide Whether to Call It That, Or Fabu-less

So Fabulis is here. Well, it’s here in beta, which is either code for “things are still buggy” or “it’s so exclusive you need to beg us to get in.” Having solved its banking issues, and overcome its viral troubles, the biggest challenge facing Fabulis is: Why hang out there instead of Facebook?

Because Facebook has heterosexuals, namely.

Fabulis is the new gay social network, whose founder Jason Goldberg imagines as “the next great media company,” not just “a particular website.” Okay. It also employs Queerty‘s founding editor Bradford Shellhammer as its creative director, whose first order of business, à mon avis, should be implementing a gays-only ChatRoulette.

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  • terrwill

    Jason, you are a good looking guy, Time for Just for Men……Gray hair doesn’t make you look “disginguished”, it makes you look old!

  • AlwaysGay

    I hope it works but I am skeptical it will be more than a gay website because of the name. I don’t see heterosexual males talking about their “fabulis” page. I can’t see them getting past the name.

  • Mercure

    Fail, stupid fail. They’re ranking the gays? As if gay men weren’t already competitive and bitchy? And Shellhammer has himself up there on his power chart?

    Gay media reeeeally sucks. All of it. Yeah, this joint too. No mention of Gawker’s reporting how OUT and its parent co stiffs freelancers and cheats them? Bad writing, boring topics, now this braindead lisping corpse with the annoying spelling.

    “Fabulith” indeed. What are they snorting? Ugh.

  • Jill

    Hopefully they have abetter sense of page layout than this blog…web design fail.

  • Tommy

    So is this an attempt at a gay facebook, or is this another DList, Manhunt, Craigslist etc.? You’d think we had enough websites to find anonymous sex on by now.
    If it is a legit social networking site, I retract my last statement, but I am very skeptical.

  • Tiger

    The gayer-than-thou attitude in the first video is a real turn-off.

    Yuck. I’ll be avoiding, “Fabulis.”

  • Jack

    FAIL. Just what we need: more bitter queens rating themselves.

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