Source Claimed $10,000 Reward For Independent Assassination

FBI Investigated Gay Falwell Plot

An unknown source had some fun fooling the FBI.

Freshly unsealed files reveal that someone alleged Cincinnati’s gays wanted homophobic Reverend Jerry Falwell felled. In fact, the harbinger specified the date: 7/4/83, after which the lucky killer would receive a $10,000 reward.

The Bureau apparently took the 1983 threat seriously, because they dispatched agents to the 513 to investigate the queer claim. While they didn’t find evidence of a plot, they did discover a. even Ohio’s homos hate Falwell and b. there were more gay bars than lesbians bars in Cincinnati.

And yet they couldn’t stop 9/11. Astounding.


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  • hells kitchen guy

    I love “The Gays in Cincinnati are plotting to do this. I know because my brother is one of them.” And they took this seriously? You’re right: No wonder they missed 9/11. Becuase THEY’RE IDIOTS.

  • Jay

    Only $10K?

  • jack jett

    In the long run he was great for the gay community and late night talk show hosts.
    Even though I know he is currently sucking off Jeffry Dahmer in hell, I kind of miss his comedy.
    But not enough to want him back.

    I am sure by now, he has lost most of the excess weight he had put on.

    He is one turkey that won’t be missed this thanksgiving.

    jack jett

  • Puddy Katz

    Cincinnati Gays are the most radical ones in the world!
    They come right up from Kentucky and Tennessee and become gay radicals the moment they sit foot in the big city.
    I’ve been there! The gay neighborhood is like three blocks long!

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