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Fear: Live From a Uganda Blogger … Is Obama Ruining Bush’s AIDS Legacy?

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• Real life worry from a Ugandan blogger who fears what will happen to him if lawmakers approve the Kill The Gays bill: “So, am I willing to risk the death penalty or life in prison just for my love of staying in the country? Maybe I am being stupid myself. I mean, no refugee wants to be a refugee. No one wants to leave home. Will I risk all that, for the chance of being home? No. It is not pride. It is not bravery.
It is just simple despair. What do I do? What do I do when this law is passed?”

An excellent dossier on recent examples of where gender and schools/colleges intertwine, from high school proms to university homecoming queens.

• Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley wins the Democratic primary seat for Ted Kennedy’s vacant U.S. Senate seat — and she’s squaring off against Cosmo‘s anti-gay Republican hunk Scott Brown. If elected (as expected), Coakley will be the state’s first female U.S. senator.

• Continuing its anti-Kevin Jennings trend, the Washington Times pens the editorial “Obama’s buggery czar.” Clever.

• Needle exchanges: Possibly coming to within 1,000 feet of a school near you.

• Nope, Gay Tony isn’t the only homo character in video gaming. Meet the others — and what it took to get here.


• George W. Bush’s only lasting legacy may be his HIV/AIDS efforts. But now Barack Obama stands accused of not only failing to uphold Bush’s mission, but ruining it. PEPFAR chief Eric Goosby faces much criticism for supposedly seeking to treat fewer people with government funds. Says longtime AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves: “I’m holding my nose as I say this, but I miss George W. Bush. On AIDS, he really stepped up. He did a tremendous thing. Now, to have this happen under Obama is really depressing.”

• A Filipino Catholic priest who doesn’t think all gays are going to hell.

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  • alan brickman

    disgraceful!! refugee status should be extended to gays for this…maybe the gay person in question can also help the poor ans oppressed..it does happen you know…

  • andy

    I’m so tired of this President Obama. I can’t wait until the next election.

  • Erick

    Wow, new low for the WaPo. Seriously.

  • ksu499

    Fortunately, the Washington Times is on the ropes. They’re running out of money and they are being sued by a former editor who claims he was let go due to his reluctance to attend Sun Myung Moon church services.

  • Peter

    The irony is that a lot of the money in aid Uganda receives from the western governments and charities are from freedom-supporting people and yes, Gays themselves.

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