FIFA 12 Show Male Soccer Players Getting To First Base Together… SCORE!

For those video gamers who are not satisfied enough with being able to gay it up in the newest installment of the very sexy sounding Skyrim series, you can apparently also share a post goal kiss in the soccer game FIFA 12. And we’re not talking a quick little cheek peck. We’re talking full on man-kisses laying out on the green. Oh yes. This is how the game should be played.

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  • MikeE

    umm, as hot as soccer players kissing is (and I mean, I LOVE soccer players)… this is kind of weird. he’s kissing the OPPOSING goal-keeper!

  • ron


    more proof that soccer is the gayest sport

    I’m mean, why would they even put that on a video game??!!

  • bagooka

    I lol’d

  • jason

    I’m sorry but this is the product of perverted minds. I’d compared it to the sleazy straight guys who want all women to be lesbians and kiss each other. Incredibly sad….

    You’d think that those with gay rights in mind could think of something a little more helpful to the gay rights cause. Morons…..

  • DavyJones

    Umm… This isn’t a ‘feature’ of the game; it’s two characters colliding, then because the game’s AI and physics engines are trying to compensate, they get stuck holding each other and bounce around… They aren’t making out

  • iDavid

    Excellent, the more visuals like this, the more people get recruited by the “homosexual agenda. Yeah, make me write bad checks. I’m sure Michelle Bachmann would agree, with this sort of hot same sex romance going on in the media, we can expect everyone to be gay in a short amount of time. Except her husband, he will be the only straight guy left on the planet. And he will be politely called, “Sir Gayface”.

  • Ryan

    Please cover video game issue’s more. There is this blog “Gaygamer” which is the only specialty site for that and it’s so amateur. And doesn’t even cover everything properly.

  • Michael

    It’s a ragdoll glitch caused by the player tripping over the other player and the ragdoll physics contorting in such a way. Making out with a man is not a feature in the game – this was merely a humorous glitch that would be difficult to replicate.


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