Films 2005: So Gay!


Last week’s So Gay! wrap-up left off with this past year’s best coming out stories. Today we’ll cover the best in gay movies. We think you’ll recognize some films you forked over 10 bucks to see.

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Whether it’s their ability to relate to young Harry’s sense of isolation or his oversized magic wand, The Gays just love Harry Potter. Like the book series, the films are getting progressively darker as Harry himself matures into a man. Soon he’ll be legal.

4. Rent. Musical numbers? Check. An AIDS storyline? Check. Director of first two Harry Potter films? Check. A Sex in the City connection? Check. That and more make this movie one big ol’ gay event.

Phil Hoffman

3. TransAmerica. One of our favorite Desperate Housewives straps on a penis in order to portray a character who only wants to get it lopped off. Felicity Huffman is the pre-op tranny who finds out her long lost son is gay hustler. The only thing that would have made this any gayer would have been a cameo by Madge herself.

2. Capote. Phillip Seymor Hoffman turned in a sublime performance as Truman Capote, one full of nuances and all too accurate mannerisms of the famous writer. But let’s not forget Catherine Keener. Her portrayal of carpet muncher Harper Lee was an absolute scene-stealer.

Which brings us to the number one So Gay! Film of the year…

brokeback mountain

1. Brokeback Mounatin. Yeah. No surprise here. The so-called “gay cowboy” movie is breaking new ground in queer cinema. It is racking up critic’s awards (ours included), Golden Globe nominations, and will likely be a frontrunner for the Oscars. But this is an important movie not just because it allows us an opportunity to ogle two hot stars make it with one another onscreen, but because it is making history.

There will be a day when this pioneering film will be held responsible for pushing “gay cinema” into the mainstream and also help open more minds.

Someone please hand us a hankie.

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