Five Great Gay Books To Give Your Dad For Father’s Day Presents

Today Queerty’s rolling out a new monthly book column, Reading Room, that will be a place for us to recommend (and hopefully discuss) new and classic titles we think shouldn’t be missed.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and if you’re anything like us it probably slipped your mind. So we’ve selected five books that either center on gay dads, gay sons, daddies and other father figures. Grab a copy for your pop today.


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  • NateB79

    I have to say thank you Queerty. I myself find it pretty hard to locate decent fiction geared towards gay men other than during pride month. It will be great to have a regular place to locate new books and recommend a few that I’ve read. Thanks again!

  • Perry Brass

    Thanks for the list, we always love lists. I of course being an author of some repute would, in ALL fairness, have to add my new novel King of Angels, which is about a close, almost passionate relationship between a Jewish father and his half-Jewish possibly gay son. King of Angels takes place in Savannah, GA in 1963, during the turbulent Kennedy years, the period of Mad Men when the times were definitely a-changing. You can look inside the book with this link:

  • Ray Hill

    You are not recommending a single book about significant changes in our political
    status: Where is “Flagrant Conduct” the story of the most important Supreme Court Case in our history or any of several biographies about GLBT movement pioneers. I suppose being GLBT is just about the party and not about the seeking equality stuff…

  • Triple S

    @Ray Hill: Get over yourself, princess. We don’t have to be raving about ‘EQUAL RIGHTS!’ every damn second of the day, you know. We, too, can also just relax and focus on a book with LGBT themes.

    Jesus, and I thought I was a bit uptight.

  • Ray Hill

    Okay so this group is just about party queens. I must have made a wrong turn. How do I get off this sick train?

  • MikeE

    @Ray Hill: I don’t see anything particularly aimed at “party queens” in this list of books. a few may be on the light side, but then, what’s wrong with that?

    The only thing I find mildly amusing is that Queerty, who have such a terrible time with editing and proof reading their articles, should have a “literary” column. It is almost ironic.

  • James M. Martin

    The plot you describe cries out for movie treatment. What fantastic parts and dialogue potential!

  • Ralph DeMattia

    @NateB79: You only read books by gay authors? My, aren’t you open-minded. And just how do you tell a gay author? I’m sure I’ve read books and articles by gay authors and don’t recall liking or disliking their thoughts because they were gay. A you call hereos bigoted. That’s funny.

  • Ralph DeMattia

    @Triple S: You only read books by gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender authors? How do you feel about Pedophile, Serial killer, or Hetero-bashing authors?

  • Perry Brass

    @NateB79: Thanks, Nate. Despite all the other crap some guy seems to want to heap on you, I’m glad you’re reading gay books, and want to keep on reading them.

  • Perry Brass

    @James M. Martin: Thanks, James. I wasn’t sure if you were addressing this to me, and I just saw the email today. But sure, I am looking for any way I can bring it to the attention of filmmakers. You can learn more about King of Angels at or at its Facebook “like” page. Perry

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