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  • Dude in Raleigh

    This is a fake – it has to be! There is no way Trace has that body (he is good looking though!) and his jock strap is stuffed :(

  • Hilarious

    What body? He’s bone thin. Is everyone really that obsessed with abs now?

  • scott ny'er

    wow. what abs. he is skinny.

  • rodrigo

    I do believe this is him…he is always commenting on how he has a personal trainer and everything! Plus, you can have a six pack and be skinny ;)

    did I mention he looks HOT?

  • Hutch

    He has a full length mirror in his kitchen?

  • Cam

    Since Queerty mentioned Jeff’s lips…I have to ask, is that the result of lip injections or did he get in an accident or something? What is the story there???


    He is a good looking dude with a totally toned body and probably like 0% body fat. Why the hating on him???

    And Dude in Raleigh, if you aren’t aware that guys with that body frame usually are have plenty of goods to stuff a jockstrap, you need to run out and do some “hands on” research (use the googles for Brent Corrigan, Tommy DeLuca etc.)……….remember big things come in small packages……… :p

  • Michael

    Must have been some party.

  • Troy Stewart

    Hey is a little skinny for my taste, but I agree! He is HOT!

  • Netterbahn

    @Hutch: He was in the kitchen so he had quick access to that Banana he shoved down his jock-strap

  • glennmcgahee

    Yea, Jeff has his lips done. Some shouldn’t. Full lips feel good though.

  • Justin

    @Dude in Raleigh: He could just be wearing the cup that comes with an Under Armor jockstrap…

  • SebbyFTL

    He needs to eat something!

  • kitty litter

    How many of you think that Jeff has had his way with him? I would put money on him being a bottom. If both him and Jeff are bottoms who…..

  • jeffinweho

    Yeah, that was him dressed up for Halloween on Sunday. Trace was at Pali House.

  • industrysinner

    he lives in LA. You can’t be a gay boy in LA and not have abs, and a full length mirror in EVERY room, it just isn’t done.

  • afrolito

    I have no idea who this person is, but I love his body. HOT!

  • Kieran

    Please turn around and show your tight end.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    He is nice looking, but too thin. Too girly-boy. See a lot of that in NYC. Passes for hot. Its really not. Not ugly. Can be nice looking, but not hot. I thought this look was going out of style? WhAT hapPENED?

  • zacht

    hot! didnt know i liked him so much. its always the quiet ones…

  • Taylor Siluwé

    This pic is unbelievably hot! Skinny boys rock….

  • can

    Why are people saying he must have stuffed his jockstrap? To me it doesn’t look very big at all, so maybe he SHOULD have stuffed it.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @can: I was thinking the same thing. I guess everyone has a different idea what a big bulge is.

    He’s still hot as hell though….

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Face doesn’t match the body, it seems photo shopped. I wish I could get a high res copy to check, but either way, who cares.

  • timucua

    He his not thin the bodytype is more likely slim or medium built. If you look under thin see the undernourished people in different parts of planet Earth. Most likely the commentators who is being negative or obese or overweight.

  • Pip

    Yeah I love the jealous middle aged gay men in this thread. Sorry, you can’t be that skinny anymore, or ever had the build for it in your youth. Get over it. We can’t all be super models. No need to hate.

  • Jon

    This young man is absolutely beautiful. Not only is he handsome, his body is unspoiled, natural perfection. From what I’ve seen of the show, he is composed, well-spoken, an example of grace under pressure, particularly when the source of that pressure is the out-sized Jeff Lewis. For any young person to be so affable and intelligent under these circumstances, let alone to do so publicly and to be gay at the same time is extraordinary. This young man is a true breakout star of the show. His quiet presence exudes strength and as someone who survived brutal bullying growing up and could have never conceived of a life lived so openly at his age, I am very impressed by his competence and serene presence. In light of recent details of cyberbullying, bias attacks and suicides not to mention the hurricane of vitriol coming from candidates around the country disparaging gay people with messages of hate that victimize every member of the GLBT community, young Trace Lehnhoff emerges a welcome role model. He is a young gay man that every GLBT member should be proud of and that every young adult, gay or straight, can look up to. He is brave and he is courageous and he’s a helluva ambitious guy with a great future ahead. That Trace is admittedly so beautiful and gay and smart and hardworking, all at the same time is as much our good fortune as it his own. I tell my MBA students to watch the show to gain insight into the fast-paced entrepreneurial workplace and its unique dynamic and to pay particular attention to their contemporary, Mr. Lehnhoff, a talented young professional staking his professional claim with skill and diligence while also making a groundbreaking statement as a gay man.

    I NEVER had anyone like Trace to look up to up when I was a kid unless of course you include Madonna. As much as she spoke to me a young gay man, I would have benefited infinitely more from seeing another young man like Trace.

    I imagine all my dead friends who partied to Madonna would’ve as well.

    We can all learn from Trace Lehnhoff.


  • floofy

    It’s a sad day when whatever that guy does on Flipping Out is classified as a job. No wonder this country is f***d.

  • Rezy boy


  • user22

    u know he posted these pics in the hopes that jeff lewis would see them.
    p.s They sure do grow them nice & ripe in Minnesota dont they?!!

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