Florida Man Meets Hookup At Cemetery, Stabs Him Five Times During Sex

devonteAn 18-year-old Florida man has been arrested for the attempted murder of a man he was having sex with in a Tallahassee cemetery in late June.

According to the unnamed victim, it was “during sexual activity” in his car around 11pm on June 24th when Devante L. Johnson stabbed him five times, puncturing a lung and lacerating his liver.

He claims the attack was unprovoked and Johnson “started stabbing him” because their mid-sex conversation “mentioned [his] ex-boyfriend.”

Though unconfirmed, it seems as though the victim’s ex-boyfriend served as motivation for the crime. Court documents show that it was Johnson who first named the ex, and that he said “no one will have to worry about you anymore” as he initiated the assault.

Police say the victim was able to escape the attack, though his injuries didn’t get him far:

…the victim was able to kick Johnson out of the car and lock the doors. However, Johnson attempted to get back into the car by gaining access through a slightly open window, the victim told police.

The victim was able to escape and drive off, crashing through the cemetery’s fence at the intersection of 4th Ave. and Martin Luther King Blvd.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of his wounds. According to the police report, there were a total of five stab wound; three to chest and one in each arm.

Police investigating an unrelated matter nearby were reportedly within earshot of the assault, and managed to respond to the scene almost immediately after hearing the scuffle.

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  • Teeth

    It’s almost as if hooking up on anon sites and having car sex in a closed park isn’t safe. But that’s just crazy talk! Guys— go to a bar. Go to a bath house. At least MEET the guy and be in a public space for a while!

  • Stache99

    Ah the rap sheet beginnings of a young thug.

  • Palto

    That’s odd. Florida has always had a fine reputation of being a state with completely sane and law abiding citizens.

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t think we should stop listening to the song “Strangers in The Night”. It is a classic and it is valid. But we must take a few elementary precautions when hooking up with strangers. Meeting in a public place first. Having sex in a motel/hotel at least on the first occasion. Studying the person while engaging in conversation. Using good sense and your instincts. And the most controversial suggestion: looking for guys who have a minimum level of education and social status.

  • Billy Budd

    Also, tell someone where you´re going, before you leave.

  • Billy Budd

    Here in Brazil we have motels everywhere, in every city. Motels are used SOLELY, EXCLUSIVELY for sexual encounters. They are safe and most are clean.

  • DickieJohnson

    Now, really! A F*KN cemetary??? Just stay home and JO with Tumblr.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Billy Budd: Ya mean social status defines good behavior? Anyone else just totally wanna meet Ol BB here just to see if he’s real? I just wanna be a fly on the shelf and see what he’s like day to day…so freakn intrigued.

  • Billy Budd

    @Lvng1tor: I mean social status can be a *moderately* good indicator of a person’s probability of being a thug criminal. A person who makes $160,000 a year is less likely to try to rob you or kill you to buy drugs. He may still be a dangerous lunatic, of course, but less likely to be a common criminal.

  • Tyler Hill

    @Billy Budd: I get your point. Though, $160k is a pretty high bar. Also, there are some really good people out there who are not criminals and only make $50k (or even less).

    I would think that meeting in a cemetery for a sexual event was the biggest red flag of them all.

  • actiondude

    that guy should have known better. you don’t trick with total strangers sight unseen in a public place. that’s asking for it. meet at his place or your place or get a room somewhere. INSIST that you speak on the phone first, (tweets don’t count) and have him email you something, anything. that way you have both a phone trail and an IP address in case something happens. if he won’t call and/or won’t email, let that be a HUGE RED FLAG and don’t meet up with him.

    and for piss sakes, don’t play “hide the sausage” in ANY public area! first of all, that is REALLY tacky. have a little more respect for yourself. secondly, it’s illegal and a DAMNED good way to get into a whole bunch of trouble that will follow you for YEARS!

    jail and fines are just the beginning. hell, that’s the EASY part! if caught, you are now officially a Sex Criminal and that label is going to follow you for decades–at LEAST decades, probably for life. you will have to register as a sex criminal and keep the police department posted every time you move. you are BANNED from living in pretty much every part of every city so I hope you like living in the middle of nowhere…and the few people out there don’t want you either so don’t be surprised if your shack gets picketed.

    so boys, get a room! there aint no BJ in the WORLD worth all that hassle.

  • E T

    @Billy Budd: At this point in history where income inequality is at an all time high and there is very little social mobility it is a simple lack of kindness to sloppily equate poverty and crime. We know nothing about this assaulter’s background, so it’s not even applicable to the article.

    Ignorance has long-term consequences. Don’t discriminate. Just be smart, and part of being smart means accepting that a person can’t be judged by superficial characteristics like their income. Judge a person by their character, and to do that you have to give them a chance to show you who they really are under the facade we all employ to get through this mad world. Which is easier in a coffee shop than it is in a cemetery at night, to be fair (but, of course, bad judgment doesn’t mean he deserved to be stabbed).

    Besides, poor men who hold their head up can be so sexy. There’s a reason we idolize blue collar / military masculinity, something primal about it. My husband was raised working class, and he has grit and staying power that can’t be faked or denied. :)

  • Billy Budd

    @E T: In my life, I had my share of guys, including boyfriends, who “lived under the breadline”. But when I hookup anonymously online, I admit I try to select people who have a similar social status compared to mine. I am not a bad person because of this and I have no prejudice against blue collar guys. I met many blue collar guys at a sauna in Sao Paulo, in the early 00s, and had a lot of fun with them. I’ve also had sex with guys who were yellow, black, white, and mixtures of all these colors.

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