For A Guy Who’s Clean Shaven, Bradley Cooper Has A Serious Beard Problem

Bradley Cooper is trying to convince America he is kaikai-ing with Zoe Saldana, his co-star in the upcoming movie The Words.

Bitch, please—we’d sooner believe Santa was the one who slipped the 4S under our tree.

We know romance can blossom on a movie set, but the sheer volume of showmance items about him that appear in the rags is beyond credibility.

In the past 12 months, he’s linked to Renee Zellweger, J-Lo, Olivia Wilde and Melanie Laurent. Now E! reports he’s made an arrangement with is dating the Star Trek star.

As recently as last week, they were telling friends that they had plans to go skiing in the Rockies together over the holidays.”They are totally dating,” the source says.

Reps for both stars did not immediately return requests for comment.

Saldana and her boyfriend of nearly 11 years, Keith Britton, called off their engagement and revealed that they had broken up in early November.

Michael K of D Listed put it best:

B.Coop better slow his shit down or he’s going to get face chaffing from growing and shaving so many damn beards. And his publicist is going to get burnt fingertips from working the BlackBerry so hard. But seriously, doesn’t it seems like it was just yesterday when B.Coop was trying on his first beard, Squinty Zellweger, and now he’s like a seasoned beard wearer and shit. Renee must be squinting out a prideful tear over how much her B.Coopy has grown.

That’s totally untrue! Zellweger is no longer physically capable of producing tears.


Images via Jonathan Wenk/Animus Pictures, USA Films, Warner Bros

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