For He’s A Jolly, But Not Gay, Old Fellow!

Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is an anomaly, and a pain in the bippy. Elected to serve a largely liberal state, he immediately set his heart on holding national office. To court the more backwards, so-called “heart”land vote, he has been positioning himself as a mentally-ill conservative unable to distinguish between a weapon of mass destruction and a Marc Jacobs handbag.

Lesbian Couple

One of Mitty’s worst dirty tricks was to pull out of mothballs a 1913 law by which out-of-state couples cannot be issued marriage licenses if they reside in states where their marriage would be illegal. The law was on the books from the bad old days when interracial marriages were not legally permitted. Mitty used it to deny non-Massachusetts homos and lezzies the joys of matrimony.

Queerty is thrilled to inform you that on Thursday, October 06, 2005, the highest court in Massachusetts was told by some of our brothers and sisters that the sudden revival of this 1913 law in unconstitutional. Assistant Attorney General Peter Sacks, arguing for the state, denied that the law is being used solely to target same-sex couples. You can see his point, too; there are so many non-homosexuals flocking to Massachusetts for marriages illegal in their home states.

The justices on the court committed to considering the arguments; a ruling may not come for several months. Should the Supreme Judicial Court strike down the 1913 law, same-sex honeys from sea to shining sea could wed in Massachusetts and demand marriage rights in their home states. Ensuing legal battles would likely reach the U.S. Supreme Court. While we’re waiting for that, we send out a big, sloppy, drag queen kiss to our dear friend Mitt Romney.

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