Fox News analyst accidentally reveals adult browsing habits in screenshot gone wrong

The election season already has plenty of folks stressed out, so perhaps this politically-adjacent item will serve to release the tiniest bit of steam.

Fox News analyst Brit Hume spent his Tuesday like so much of America, closely following the results of the Super Tuesday primaries.

And like the committed analyst he is, he even posted Tuesday morning about the odds each candidate faced once polls opened.

Here’s the image he shared on Twitter:

But the first rule of full screenshots is knowing that people will immediately squint their eyes to get a glimpse into browsing history, and glimpse they did.

And judging by this Tweet that quickly replaced the one above, it’s safe to assume Hume did not intend to share a tab for “Sexy Vixen Vinyl”:

There’s certainly nothing wrong with being into sexy vixen vinyl (get your life!), but this is the same guy who defended fellow Fox News personality Tucker Carlson’s racist and homophobic behavior, so we can’t help but be amused at the error.

Here’s a sampling of the response his updated tweet received: