Fox News’ Transphobic Coverage Is Probably Going To Get Worse

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.14.07 PMWhat is Fox News supposed to do now that they’ve most likely lost the battle against marriage equality? In a perfect world, the network’s homophobic anchors would learn to become role models by covering LGBT issues in a positive manner. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so they’re probably going to focus their intolerance on a different minority group.

Unfortunately, this means Fox News’ notoriously awful coverage of transgender issues is bound to get worse, especially once debate over Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) hits Congress later this year.

MediaMatters foresees the problem as well, so they’ve compiled a YouTube clip of the most notable and blatant transphobic coverage from the network in the past two years.

Among the clips, Bill O’Reilly jokes that a transgender inmate is “too unattractive” to be sexually assaulted in prison, Todd Starnes refers to a transgender woman as a “burly man wearing a dress,” and that time an insensitive Fox article used Mrs. Doubtfire as the face of transgender healthcare.

How do you think Fox News will adjust their coverage in the coming months? Will these angry anchors finally step down and find a friend in the LGBT community, or spearhead a witch hunt to find a new group of people to bully? It’s about time they pick on somebody their own size, so why not start with a few of these awful mega-corporations?

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  • Dakotahgeo

    I’m not a bit surprised that this trash comes from Fox News/Faux Noise… they are the bottom feeders of the TV media cesspool! And the conservative no-brainers keep feeding them cereal that has no nutritional value whatsoever. And I thought jackass Limberger lost his voice!

  • Ana Victoria

    U can’t wait every channel to loves us.
    I see the positive side, they’re there to remind us our fight.

  • anthonyamerica

    I’m sorry if I was flagged for what ever reason I only spoke the truth about Fox representing the worst in people and spinning the truth about anything there against;
    We have no ethics any longer in reporting the news and it’s not only Fox; but Fox is the very best in distorting the news.

  • fernmayo

    That transgender inmate is in prison for MURDER. He wanted the taxpayers to pay for his sex change which is preposterous. That’s the only thing O’Reilly was complaining about.

  • GeniusDude

    The bttfqingmen agenda and their never ending lies continue to lie, lie, and lie some more. That poor sick, lying mind inventing pretend things like ‘phobias’ as if the ‘fear’ in Others is EVER a factor. It’s ALWAYS ‘selfish behavior’ that is the root cause of problems, NEVER ‘the fears of Others’. Lie all you want you kueer filth, you only disease your own minds more and more.

  • defsteve

    @GeniusDude: L o freaking l. Aren’t we just so selfish for asking straight people to share their toys known as civil rights? How can we stand ourselves?

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    “It’s about time they pick on somebody their own size, so why not start with a few of these awful mega-corporations?”

    So on that list you target corporations who have CHANGED their policy anyway, and still refer to them as “AWFUL mega-corporations”? And Urban Outfitters has been offering same sex partner benefits since 2007, long before Barack Obama had his political epiphany. I don’t see his name listed anywhere.

    Why is that? Couldn’t you find 8 companies who are “Anti-Gay” NOW?

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    BTW Disney has offered LGBT partner benefits since 1995 but the article about Disney Gay Days tradition is a pictorial of guys in bathing suits.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @fernmayo: Have you ever stopped and considered this prisoner could be a Transsexual suffering from a medical condition known as GID (Gender Identity Dysphoria) and as a ward of the state they are responsible for all her medical needs even the ones they don’t like or agree with………. What if their was a prisoner who was one dead row and who also had a heart condition should the state spend the money to for this person to have open heart surgery which is super expensive since this persons on dead row or just let them have a heart attack in their cell and die ? I mean according to you their on dead row so let em suffer. When a state locks someone up and restricting their freedom and taking away their rights and ability to care for themselves then the state has an obligation to care for this person even if its for GRS Gender Reassignment Surgery.

  • malmal

    Hey .
    This is outrage against fox , I like them and they provide most truthful information . Rest of the media are now the puppets and afraid to say anything . I see the lie right here now , O’Reilly was only talking about who would pay for such operations , yet here is report as fox did something wrong . What a bunch of winners , can’t take the truth and blindly believe what most main media is lying about it ? Beside – everybody has a right to believe and agree what they like . I don’t want transgender near me , they want everybody to except them and tolerate . I may tolerate but won’t except in my circle . We are a society of twisted minds and all the new ways and changes don’t do any good . Is done just for sexual preference . Nature create man and women for a reason to be together with body parts to be used for that . Same sex people will not reproduce and to us – normal humans – we may stand for our believes and feel sick knowing there is such a strong support for same sex practice . How you expect to raise children with daily headlines talking about gays like it is something cool . Show more and more of this live style and kids will be curious enough . Marriage is another issue – killing with same sex unions calling them married , find another word and don’t trash families with calling both the same name . Again ….I see many people talking about it and many are afraid to be against gays because they want to keep up with ” new trend ” to be ” correct ” , yet in privacy of their own they disagree with gays live style . So in any article don’t praise gays and give the same room and right for normal people to express how they feel . Gays push for rights but so can we ……keep your practices out of my world .

  • 2eo


    Please stay, your rants are hilarious and much better than the idiots who usually troll this site. But please don’t post the same thing on every thread, that is a no no.

    I like to be reminded that those with severe mental difficulties still exist.

  • MK Ultra

    It seems that malmal and GeniusDude have been kind enough to give us all an accurate display of the mental illness colloquially known as “straight, white, conservative male syndrom”
    Symptoms include, paranoid schizophrenia, megalomania, superiority complex, god complex, cognitive dissonance to the point of insanity or absurdity, psychopathy, aggressiveness, and a host of others.
    To put it plainly, their belief is that simply by being straight, white, conservative and male, (usually religious too), they should be in charge of everything. Only they should get rights and freedoms and only they should be allowed to vote, own property, be in positions of power, and that the evil agenda of tolerance and diversity is a threat to all mankind (by mankind they mean straight, white, conservative males).
    They just can’t take that they live in a world where they are no longer at the top of the pyramid. So much like 2eo, I find their ranting diatribes hilarious.

  • Dr. Dick

    @MK Ultra: no way “malmal” is white, that was the work of a Latino Catholic without a strong ESL foundation :(

    also, malmal’s last line: “keep your practices out of my world” ok

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