Oh, we’re letting Peter Sprigg back on television now? Is that what you’re doing, Thomas Roberts, letting this certified liar on MSNBC to spread the Family Research Council’s recycled bile? We know where Sprigg stands on DOMA and banning recognition of same-sex marriage — we also know where Freedom To Marry’s Evan Wolfson stands — but he actually has something slightly new to say! Or rather, a new way of saying his old stump speech. While marriage between heterosexual couples doesn’t require them to have kids, Sprigg argues only breeders should only have access to it because there’s a possibility. Which gays don’t have!

“You’re not mandated to have kids if you get married, but it makes no sense to extend the benefits of marriage to a type of relationship that is incapable of ever creating children,” says Sprigg. “That undermines the whole purpose of the institution, and it sends a message to society that children don’t need a mother and a father, and that’s simply false.”

And that, friends, is what House Speaker John Boehner is really intent on battling.

(As for all you critics who keep saying opposition to gay marriage is rooted in Jesus? “I think that’s a grave misconception people have about this debate. Marriage is simply a civil institution, and not simply a religious institution. At its heart marriage is a natural institution rooted in the order of nature itself.”)

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