French Open Champ Stan Wawrinka Bares All For ESPN Body Issue


Stan Wawrinka may appear tantalizingly fit on the glossy pages of ESPN’s Body Issue, but looks aren’t everything for the 30-year-old Swedish tennis champ.

Here are some highlights from the upcoming interview:

i-1On achieving that body:

My body is for my tennis, it’s for my sport. I’m not a model at all. I don’t work out to go to the beach, I work out to play well and to do well on the court.

How he trains for play:

I can keep my fitness and strength at a high level for hours and hours and hours. I can play really powerful from the baseline and I can keep my level up — that’s why I’m playing well in five-set matches. I’ve done it many times, in many long matches, many times longer than four or five hours and it wasn’t a big problem for me. It’s not a strategy to make matches longer, but I know that I can keep up. That is always good for my confidence.

But what’s your tat say?

I have a Samuel Beckett quote tattooed on my arm. I got it a few years ago now: “Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” That’s a little bit how I see life in general, but especially in tennis, because even if you play well, even if you’re top-10, you still lose matches. So you need to accept that and take the positives from that.

via ESPN