Ft. Worth’s Silly ‘Public Intoxication’ Prosecution of the Rainbow Lounge Raid’s Chad Gibson


In June, Ft. Worth police stormed the Rainbow Lounge and forced patrons to the floor during a raid, supposedly to crack down on sex acts at the bar. The incident left Chad Gibson with a bruised brain and six days in the ICU. Oh, and he is the one the city is now targeting.

As if the Texan city couldn’t bungle its Stonewall-style attack on the gays even more, prosecutors filed charges against Gibson and another civilian for their actions that night. Gibson faces charges of “public intoxication” and “assaulting a state agent,” the second likely stemming from an officer’s claim Gibson groped him during the raid. Meanwhile, George Armstrong, who “suffered severe bruising and muscle strain while being arrested,” is also facing “public intoxication” charges.


Both men are refusing to accept plea bargains. Which means if they head to trial, you can fully expect those three suspended cops, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officials that admitted it violated its own policies, to be called to the witness stand to testify exactly what happened that night. This is a nightmare for the two men charged. But if their legal bills can tolerate it, it will be a nightmare for Ft. Worth Police, the TABC, and their sympathizers.