Gainesville Voters Choose Gay Agenda Leader Craig Lowe As Mayor

City Commissioner Craig Lowe was just elected mayor of Gainesville, Florida — by 35 votes. Of course, this triggers an automatic recount, but should the vote tallies remain in his favor, he’ll become a member of the select few LGBT American mayors (Gay Politics pegs it at 30). After a tumultuous run-off election, with supporters of opponent Don Marsh distributing “Support The Gay Agenda” flyers and a local church making Lowe’s homosexuality an issue on its yard signs, Lowe is thisclose to an official victory.

Looks like voters did want Lowe to become the city’s first gay mayor.

UPDATE 4/16: And it’s a done deal. Lowe is mayor.

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  • Daniel

    Either way, great for him for running in the first place. You cannot win if you do not participate, and every GLBT person who runs for office – win or lose – makes it easier for other GLBT people and GLBT allies to also throw their hat in the ring.

  • zenflo

    Now Queerty, I do not want the collective “you” to think that I am emotionally capable of complimenting you on a regular basis.


    Thank you for getting this election result up within mere hours of the cliffhanger results.

    Wait … I’m morphing back …


    I think the term “Gay Agenda Leader” is a bit iffy in the headline. It begs the conclusion that Lowe was elected with a gay platform as the centerpiece of his mayoralty. Which was not the case.

    At any rate, please keep us in the loop as the recount unfolds.

  • mulletkitty

    I am a proud Gainesville resident who supports men in women’s bathrooms. And gays in women’s bathrooms. And gay marriages in women’s bathrooms. And gay parades in women’s bathrooms.

    Our women’s bathrooms have got it goin’ on!

  • zenflo

    I’m not sure where the emphasis on women’s bathrooms is coming from vis-a-vis the mayoral election, but I would likely support the candidate most closely aligned with my core values, which are firmly “pro-bidet.”

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @zenflo: It is the latest tactic by far right wingers. I believe I saw something like that regarding an anti discrimination ordinance in Missouri that passed and something similar in Utah (I think). You can expect as more rights are gained, and outward discrimination against gays becomes more taboo- well you are going to see a lot more unhinged, and my guess is dangerous behavior.

  • zenflo

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I suspected this was a case of classic, disjointed hater crazy-talk. Thanks for the input.

    Pity that our less-gifted detractors are being reduced to incoherent ramblings, n’est-ce pas?

  • Jeremy

    I hope Craig’s career will go further, because he can beat the shit out of Charlie Crist’s closeted ass. Although I still don’t get WTF is that pink flyer for. Is this a propaganda of some fundamental Baptists? If so then I will be very shocked; who knew these wing-nuts have a sense of sarcasm????

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