The delightful Kristian Nairn just had a little chat with the Wall Street Journal, and it’s packed full of fascinating tidbits about his role as Hodor on Game of Thrones.

You will, of course, recall the fuss about a month ago when Nairn came out of the closet … as a DJ. Oh, the shame! And also, he’s gay, which everyone’s known since the ’80s when he came out to his mother.

The most interesting thing he reveals in the interview is that he used to be a drag queen. YES. A drag queen. Named Revvlon, or Revlon, or Revlonn, depending who you ask. And any images of him in drag appear to have been completely scrubbed from the internet, which is a real bummer. Send ’em in if you’ve got ’em!

He also expresses relief that he’s been able to exist in the gay community without conforming to the stereotype — thin, tan, with cunty eyebrows. But then again, he does kind of fit perfectly into the grizzly stereotype, with his powerful frame and frosty beard. Except that he has some little stars tattooed on his face… oh, Kristian.

Carrying Bran on his back during take after take is apparently exacting a toll. All that lugging is giving him back problems, and he’s not seeing a medical doctor about it. He’s seeing a chiropractor, which we suppose is better than nothing. But hey, Kristian, you might want to just pop by an osteopath’s office if you haven’t already.

Also, adorably, his mother told him “I love Hodor. I think there’s more to him and something’s going to come out eventually along the line.” Did she say this before or after the nude scene? And more importantly, can we hope for more nude scenes? Maybe a little flirtation between Hodor and a giant?

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