Game of Thrones fans crushing on Richard Madden (a.k.a. “Young Wolf” Robb Stark) will have to wait till next summer to see if the 25-year-old Scotsman draws his unsheathed sword in the show’s second season. (He will if George R.R. Martin heeds the demands for more man meat.)

But Madden’s been getting frisky and fairly bare over in Merry Old England, where he just wrapped up the debut season of Channel 4’s paramedics drama Sirens. As laddish gay EMT Ashley, Madden’s been getting up to all kinds of naughtiness (including shagging a bloke in a church bathroom, crikey!).

In an interview with Digital Spy, Madden talks about his character:

Did you have any reservations about the show’s racier scenes?
I’ve always got the attitude that if it’s relevant to the show, I don’t mind doing it, but if it’s just gratuitous, I don’t really agree with it. If it’s just trying to get people to watch because there’s some boobs or whatever, I don’t really like that. But in this, it felt relevant that I had to take my clothes off and kiss guys on-screen. That was a different thing for me, playing a gay character. That’s why I quite liked the part, because Ashley is this gay man who isn’t defined by his sexuality.

So is Ashley a gay man who dislikes gay culture?
“Yeah. He’s a gay character who’s kind of straight in every sense of the word, except that he has sex with men. That’s what I was excited by, because I don’t remember the last time we saw that on British TV. We don’t really get to see gay characters who are completely open with their sexuality, but it doesn’t define who they are.”

Check out Madden and his hunky co-stars in the clip below.

If you’re of a more literary bent, enjoy Madden’s GoT character engaging in a spicy fan-fic romp with Jon Snow.



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