Former fake reporter and hustler Jeff Gannon recently took a minute from being a charlatan to defend Tyler Whitney.

Of course you all remember Whitney – the 18-year old homophobe/Republican campaigner who works for Tom Tancredo. Speaking out against schmucks like us, Gannon blasted:

The angry gay left continues to practice the politics of personal destruction. These hatemongers are so threatened by an 18-year-old guy who doesn’t want to live his life on the pink plantation that they have to try to destroy him. Kudos to Tancredo and his staff for standing up for him. Maybe Tancredo isn’t as ‘anti-gay’ as the angry gay left wants its sheeple to believe.

Well, we suppose it’s how you define “anti-gay,” Gannon.

Tancredo voted yes to ban gay adoption in Washington DC. Tancredo voted twice to ban same-sex marriage, a position of which his website says:

Activist courts have ignored the principal legal argument that the state’s interest in marriage is procreation. Population is power. Society needs a young generation to defend the country in battle, to support its programs with taxes and to carry on its culture and traditions. The mere fact that two people are in a loving relationship does not matter to the state. Society supports traditional marriage because it is the only union which, in the ordinary course, leads to children, without the intervention of a third party.

Alright, maybe not explicitly anti-gay, but definitely doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. Also, reeks of Peter Sprigg’s dehumanizing op-ed on gay marriage.

As for going after Whitney – maybe we’ll be able to shock him out of the GOP and knock some sense into that young head of his. Obviously he’s misguided. We don’t want him ending up like you, Gannon – that is, lying to the nation, working as a prostitute and wishing he could suck the president’s dick.

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