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A so-called “ex-gay” former adult film star will not be serving in the Scottish parliament after failing to win over voters.

The would-be German-born politician, Philipp Tanzer, 43, was previously known as Logan McCree. The former Raging Stallions performer’s film credits include Hotter than Hell 2 and Rear Deliveries.

Tanzer, who stopped identifying as gay when he was 32, is aligned with the far-right “men’s rights” movement and ran for the Scottish Family Party (SFP), which adamantly stands against LGBTQ inclusivity in education.

Unfortunately for Tanzer and the party, the SFP received just 1,976 votes in the local election while the Scottish National Party racked up 96,433.


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Speaking on a broadcast for RT UK, Tanzer explained: “I think I am an unusual candidate for most people for a socially conservative party because I identified as gay until I was 32 and I was actually in the adult entertainment industry… I would say I’m more and more moving in a socially conservative direction.”

“We oppose sex education that focuses too much on pornography and certain sexualities. We are currently in Scotland the only party that is pro-life.”

The party explains its stance on LGBTQ education on its website, stating: “The LGBT Inclusive Education program…mandates the indoctrination of schoolchildren into a radical ideology of sexuality.

Pupils are inducted into LGBT activism from primary school, as familiar campaigning symbols and slogans are presented in lessons.”

The philosophy of gender fluidity is dangerous to young people, leading to confusion and unhelpful experimentation. Parents should have a strong voice in determining how these issues are approached in schools. Indoctrination into the fashionable philosophy of gender is not appropriate and will lead more children down a difficult road that could seriously undermine their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.”

This opinion, of course, is not shared by scores of parents and educators, who see the value first-hand in kids learning about gender and sexuality spectrums early on.

“Binary notions of gender, biology and sexual orientation exclude large swaths of human diversity. This diversity can be better understood by using spectrum-based models. Spectra make room for anyone whose experiences do not narrowly fit into binary choices such as man/woman, feminine/masculine or straight/gay,” writes Joel Baum & Kim Westheimer of Learning For Justice.

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