South African Leaves LA For NY

Gay “Brothers & Sisters” Creator Out!

Oh, brother!

Gay Brothers & Sisters creator Jon Robin Baitz has been “ousted” from his hit ABC show. Writes Baitz:

I have left the show I created, Brothers & Sisters, from which I was ousted, not fired, an important distinction, to set the whisperers down the lane straight, so to speak.

[I am] no longer the instigator of plot, and no longer the voice of the thing. It is no longer in my dreams. I do not wake up and make notes about future episodes.

With my show no longer actually even remotely mine, I had no reason to stay west.

Baitz doesn’t get into the specifics of the backstage drama, but the South African native says he’s happy “being back in New York, the essential grown-up city.” As opposed to Los Angeles, which is run by children.