Gay Couple Attacked In São Paulo. Is There a Problem Down Rio Way?

Made In Brazil reports on a gay bashing in São Paulo, Brazil over the weekend: A gay couple was leaving Sonique Bar (at right) on Bela Cintra Street when two men began yelling anti-gay slurs and announced the couple “had to die,” before launching into a physical attack. One of the victims ended up with a broken leg.

As MIB points out, this isn’t the first bashing in Sao Paolo this year—and earlier this summer the city council approved a Heterosexual Pride Day.

Back in 2006, 10 to 15 skinheads attacked young gays and lesbians in a traditionally LGBT hangout, sending several to the hospital with serious wounds. After that attack, Mix Brasil reported, one activist said,  “It is unbelievable this is happening again in São Paulo in 2006. I remember the case of Edson Néris, who was brutally beaten to death by skinheads in the city’s Praça da República.”

Sao Paulo has a large and vibrant LGBT population and one of the biggest Pride celebrations in the world.  Obviously bashings happen even in large gay meccas like San Francisco and New York City. So are these incidents in Brazil isolated or a sign of a larger crisis?

An ex-pat commented in the Made In Brazil story:

“This does not impress me one bit, I remember when I lived in Brazil 16 years ago, at the time I was 11 y/o, I was terribly bullied by every kid in school or out in the neighborhood. The parents of these kids never did anything to stop them. No wonder why now, years later they are attacking gays. Had they been disciplined then this would not happen.

I now live in Boston/US and here I can live a freely and open life with my partner and I know that there are laws protecting us.

I believe this will be a forever issue with Brazil, as much as I love my home country, I fear to take my partner to see where I came from, even though both of our families and friends are very much aware of our sexuality and partnership. My fear is that something like this might happen.

It seems that crimes like this are happening much more often and people are often getting away with it!

It’s a shame! Beautiful country, Beautiful people, some with a brain the size of a golf ball.

As our Brazilian friends would say, “O que se passa?!?!”

Source: Made In Brazil via Towleroad; Image via


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