“Gay Girl In Damascus” Tom McMaster Loves That You Believed His Hoax

Smarter-than-you medieval masters student Tom McMaster is sorry that his hoax about a lesbian Syrian-American blogger being arrested by the Syrian secret police has given power to the country’s regime and will inevitably cause everyone to doubt any stories of LGBT abuses coming from the region, but DIDN’T YOU LOVE HIS WRITING??! Please tell him he’s a good writer—that is like soul candy to a grad student.

He says, “The people I’ve hurt specifically I will apologize to.” But sadly McMaster will never hear from the people he hurt specifically because those Syrian queers, dissidents, and journalists will most likely be too busy having the fuck raped and tortured out of them to hear his useless apology.

What’s weird is that watching his interview with the Guardian, it’s hard to buy that while he believes his own justifications, he wasn’t smart enough to think that faking the arrest of an American citizen might cause an international diplomatic situation. Of course, he is studying what used to be called “the Dark Ages”, so one should expect him to be, shall we say, a bit unsavvy when it comes to how the internet works.