Gay Groups Watched Ahead Of Pope’s France Visit

French security forces aren’t fucking around when it comes to protecting Pope Benedict XVI from the dreaded irate gays:

French police have placed radical gay militants under surveillance ahead of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to France on September 12-15, the daily Le Figaro reported on Wednesday.

Eager to avoid a repeat of the condom shower that greeted the Pope in Sydney, Australia, in July, certain gay activist groups such as Act Up are being closely watched in the run-up to the visit.

Security forces are also keeping their eye out for Al-Qaeda, a group we find far more frightening than some condom throwing homos.

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  • leon4youall

    The security organs in France should forcus more attention to real security threats than the hunging condoms from Homosexuals and Lesbians because the pope is so aware of these people the fact that he has so many around him while in vatican. No one can be more homosexual than the priests around the pope

  • fanboi

    I SO wish there was video footage of the pope being showered with condoms.

  • Doug

    Since when did the French get so uptight? I’d think they would be more worried about another German riding through their streets in a tank, er, pope-mobile.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    LOL, Doug.

  • Bill

    I’ve just read a note written by someone who blames the Catholic Church for millions of deaths because of the Catholic Church forbids condom use. So I need same-sex-attracted people to know that I agree with the Holy Father and with the the Catholic Church when they condemn artificial contraception. To avoid sexually transmitted diseases, abstain from sex.

    I can’t condone “gay” sex. Neither can the Catholic Church.

  • BrianZ

    @Doug: That is so wrong! I can’t stop giggling :)

    @Bill: Let me guess: You come here for the Morning Goods section? :) Anyway, it’s not my place to judge you. Best of luck to you!

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