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Gay guys reveal the controversial reasons they swipe left on dating apps

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In the age of online dating, all it takes is a flick of the finger to end a potential love story before it even begins. And now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty about why gay guys swipe left!

“For those looking for a long-term relationship, what slightly unusual, controversial, or unpopular reasons make you swipe left on dating apps?” a Reddit user recently asked in the r/AskGayMen forum.

Among the dozens of reasons commenters listed, some were relatable. (We’re not into crypto scams either.) Some required elaboration. (Wait until you read one user’s “ages that end in 9” theory.) And some just made us feel personally attacked. (What’s wrong with geeky cat lovers?!)

In any case, here’s a taste of the conversation, with responses edited for readability:

“Honestly, if someone’s profile is excessively ‘chill,’ I immediately swipe left. Especially in terms of bios that read like Instagram captions. Like, you’re given the task to write a paragraph about yourself and all you put is, ‘Adventure, sea, and fun. Message me to see if you match the vibes Xx’?”

“If he’s holding a fish… just not for me.”

“Any use of filters in pics signals insecurity and/or immaturity to me. It’s an instant turn-off.”

“If they are attractive as sh*t, I swipe left. Because I know I’m too ugly for them, so I don’t even waste my time.”

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“Pictures of motorcycles.”

“I’m dead wrong for this, but when their profile says ‘twink’ and they’re not.”

“A guy who only has pictures of his body. A body pic or two is fine—you worked hard for it, so show it off—but just relying on your body might indicate to me that you’re not that personable.”

“Videos of you lip syncing to TikToks or other such vapid nonsense.”



“If in his Instagram more than 70% of his pics are selfies, I’m swiping left.”

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“‘No drama’ … Usually people who put ‘no drama’ are the ones causing the drama’.”

“Extremely social/active people. I find it to be a major turn-off when people always need to be busy/surrounded by others. I prefer to relax and unwind in my downtime, not cram more into an already-busy schedule. I’ve found that those are the people who don’t enjoy their own company, and if you don’t enjoy being around yourself, chances are I won’t either.”

“When they mention anything about investing or cryptocurrency. It’s most likely a scam. But when it is not, some tend to talk about investing all the time and how well their life is going because of investing.”

“Any mention of religion.”

“Anybody who writes in all caps. It’s just not necessary.”

“If a guy states that he likes photography, traveling, and fashion in his profile, I immediately swipe left. I can already deduce the level of annoying and boring from those three things put together. I once dated a guy who only spent most of his time on Instagram, and I swore to never again.”

“Pics with sunglasses on. Gotta show face/eyes in at least one pic. Pics of them with a woman or one where she is cut off. Pics of their dog more than of them. Gym pics. Pics that are hazy or clearly years old. Ages that end in 9—for example, 39 or 49. (Experience tells me those men are most likely 47 or 58, respectively, and lying about age is a dealbreaker.) Torsos only.”

“Every pic is them wearing sunglasses or a mask. ‘Traveled to 80+ countries and counting.’ Long strings of emojis. ‘Looking for a partner in crime.’ Poly or EMN. (Nothing wrong with that, just not for me.) Overly geeky guys. Cat worshippers. Pics with lots of friends and you can’t tell whose profile it is.”

“When they say they’re one of the few gentlemen treating you with respect. Gives me too many nice-guy vibes, haha.”

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