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There’s a common misconception that when it comes to gay men and penis size, one mantra holds true: The bigger the better.

However, a post this week on Reddit disputes this. Many gay guys are perfectly happy with average-sized appendages. Many also point out that the person attached to the penis is way more important than size.

A user posted his message in the AskGayBros subreddit. In it, he said the size of his penis size was beginning to trouble him.

“I’m upset I don’t have a big dick,” he began. “I didn’t really care about dick size back then, but I’m starting to worry about it… that I won’t be sexually attractive to ppl and that I won’t please them with it 🤐 it’s 12cm long when in erection (which is barely 5 inches…). That makes me so sad and there’s nothing to do with it 🫤 I’m doomed.”

Average penis size

According to one study, 13.1cm (or 5.1 inches) is the average penis size in the US. This makes the poster very much within the average range.

Those responding to the post were quick to reassure the man posting that he needed to stop worrying. Adult entertainment might place great value on huge dicks, but the painful reality of being pounded by an extra-large dick did not live up to the fantasy for many.

The most liked comment said, “You have, what is called, a ‘boyfriend dick’. Most sensible people will prefer your dick size over the enormous ones. I have played with some pretty big dicks, and they take me a couple of days to fully recover. I prefer regular 5-inch dicks. I’m sure I am not the only one.”

“Amen,” replied someone else. “Much more to do with a 5in dick than a 9in dick.”

“This is the right answer,” concurred another. “Boyfriend dick is the best because I can take it all day every day. Anything over 6 and I need recovery time.”

“5 inches is totally fine,” agreed someone else. “Big dick is fun to look at, but normal-sized dick is just as fun to play with.”

“All has been said, I don’t want to do breathing exercises every time I want to have sex 😂” someone else said. Another offered up the fact, “I’ve had a dude make my back arch with a finger so… I think you’re more than fine.”

“12 cm is more than enough to reach the prostate and f*ck the soul out of any guy on the planet,” was another well-liked comment.

“I’ve had the best sex with guys who are normal size”

Others pointed out that, with 5 inches, the man posting did not have a micropenis. And even if someone has got a micropenis, it doesn’t rule them out from finding sexual partners. After all, not everyone is bothered by penis size or wants to be penetrated.

Some guys with big dicks also entered the conversation. One guy, who claimed to have just over nine inches, said, “I’ve had the best sex with guys who are normal size like you. Yeah, for sure with the right guy and the right vibe, being hung can be fun, but it can be a pain in the a** (literally). Also, anyone you meet just assumes you’re a rough top. Sometimes you just wanna get plowed! 🤷‍♂️🤣

“You have a totally healthy and normal dick size. Not being funny, but most guys don’t know what 5” looks like… to them you’ll just have a nice decent dick.”

Someone else suggested he made sure he kept the rest of himself in shape and stop focusing on one body part.

“Honestly if you’re in shape a bit you’ll be just fine. I thought mine would be a problem, and though the occasional size queen will reject me, everyone’s enjoyed what I’m working with.”

Others pointed out that it simply won’t matter to the right guy.

“You don’t want someone who is attracted to you just for having a big dick, that relationship will not last, whatsoever. In the grand scheme of things, no one actually cares about dick size. And if they do, they are genuinely not worth anyone’s time.”

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