Gay Little Person Opens Up About Grindr, Sex And Being “Easy To Maneuver”

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“When it’s crowded all I see is butts,” 25-year-old David Funes tells Gawker in a fascinating new interview. “Butts and crotches.”

At 4’3, Funes is what you would call a “little person.” He is also gay. He lives in New York and works as a nightlife personality and go-go dancer who goes by the name Nano after the iPod, but also because “nano” translates to “dwarf” in Greek.

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Funes says that being a little person hasn’t always been easy, especially when he was growing up.

“There were moments that I stared in the mirror hoping that one day I would change,” he explains. “It really depends on the mood I was feeling that day. There was an era I was depressed, around 14.”

Today, however, he’s come to embrace his small stature. In fact, he says it’s come in surprisingly handy when looking for guys to hookup with on Grindr.

“There are people that contact me for fetishes, like, ‘Oh my god, I always wanted to try a little guy,’” Funes says.

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But Funes says he’s “very selective” about who he takes to bed, adding that he tends to attract men with a dominant streak.

“Because I’m little, I’m very easy to maneuver,” he explains. “I’m very easy to throw around. They feel a sense of dominance. They feel I’m going to say yes. They think I’m desperate, but I’m not. That gives them that sense of confidence to walk up to me and say, ‘Hey, let’s go to bed,’ you know what I mean? That’s a really big turn-off.”

As for his own bedroom fantasies, Funes says he’s always wanted to have sex with another little person.

“My fantasy was always to fuck a little person,” he explains. “That’s the first time I’d ever be able to dominate someone. Sometimes I get the urge to top.”

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h/t: Gawker

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