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The Next Great Gay Marriage Supporter: The Generally Racist Don Imus

Ted Olson has been making the “conservative argument” to support gay marriage for months and months now. But when it comes to Don Imus, whose mouth has us believing he’s conservative but who says he voted for John Kerry for president, little did we think we’d find someone who so easily sees why it only makes sense to let gays marry.

Appearing on Imus’ radio show that’s now simulcast on the Fox Business Network, Olson’s co-counsel David Boies had a pleasant exchange with the usually bigoted cowboy. And what’s Imus’ explanation for why he supports gay marriage? Because he has a gay friend.

Indeed: Sometimes, it takes just knowing one.

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  • terrwill

    I was recently on a trip and the rental only had an am/fm radio, I was listening to Imus and was suprised that he actually did say a number of positive things about the Gays. One of his minions made a negative comment and he called him out on it………..The tide is slowwwwllllyyy turning………

  • rainfish2000

    I’m so glad Mr. Imus no longer has a problem with our “nappy hair”. Oh, wait, that was another group!

    Still, it is inspirational, to see that his fall from grace has made him…well…made him more “graceful” in his outlook on things.

  • Jason

    I watch Imus every morning pre/nappy and post/nappy. Never considered him very conservative and I am not surprised by his stance on gay marriage at all.

  • rainfish2000

    No, Imus just used to sit there tickling his twat and giggling like a school girl while his goonish sycophant cohorts would make up all of the obnoxious gay-bashing routines. Especially, that repulsive bald troll (can’t remember his putrid name — I’ve been de-programed since “Imus in the Morning”) who did the sports and the “fag” jokes. It wasn’t Charles, it was the other goof.

  • rolph

    he tells it like it is. Love IMUS.

  • WiseUp

    He’s the guy David Hauslaib said deserved to get cancer because of his nappy comment. Wonder if Hauslaib thinks Imus…deserves to be cured now?

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