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It’s been a busy year for some gay guys, according to an informal poll on Reddit.

In a recent thread on r/AskGayMen, one user asked others how many hookups they’ve had this year—specifically, how many times they performed oral sex.

Or, in the words of that Reddit pollster, “How many d*cks have been in your mouth in 2023?”

Some respondents said zero, some gave four-digit tallies—no slut-shaming, folks!—and one user predicted that straight people “would literally explode” if they read the Reddit thread.

Here’s a sampling of the jaw-dropping answers…

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“Not enough.”

“Zero. Looking to lose my virginity and everything next year, hopefully.”

“Absolutely none, and I’m fine with it, lol.”

“One, but a lot of times.”

“One fantastic one. My fave.”

“Just my husband’s.”

“If the same one is counted, many times … at least 365. If not, just one.”

“Four, and one was today. First year as a c*cksucker.”

“It was the year of my first time, and I had 10 d*cks.”

“Nineteen. Looking for one more so it’s an even number.”

“Is ‘not enough’ a sufficient answer? Jk, lol. Who keeps track of these things? Minimum of 20 if we aren’t counting the same guys multiple times.”

“A lot, but not the one I wanted.”

“It’s been a slow year, so maybe about 40.”

“I don’t know the exact number, but I’ve probably sucked at least 50 this year.”

“I have an app that tracks how many times I gave head, and it says 72 times but not how often it was the same c*ck.”

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“At least 80, but probably more like 100, haha. Did a lot of traveling.”

“I’m trying to beat 100 by the end of the year.”

“I have two or three d*cks a week in my mouth every week. So that’s [between] 100 and 150… And they’re not all different, of course. Sometimes I see the same man more than once.”

“A couple hundred? That averages to about 16 a month. That seems reasonable.”

“Maybe 50 a week for 50 weeks (so far), so about 2,500. … A lot of cruising, especially [in] video booth stores during the lunch and evening rush times.”

“I’m not sure I can count that high.”

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