Gay NFL Hopeful Michael Sam Allegedly Caught Sending Nudes Through Grindr

michael-sam-nudesIn the grand tradition of gay men longing to see what their favorite celebrities are packin’, gossip blog Pop Wrapped has published a Grindr screenshot of what they claim to be “exclusive full-frontal nudes” of NFL draft hopeful Michael Sam.

Previously, the Internet’s not-so-trusty gossip blogs have “outed” Green Bay Packers and 49ers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick, but this is perhaps the first time an openly gay football player has been the target for snooping gay sleuths.

The evidence: A Grindr screenshot (conveniently plastered by a Pop Wrapped logo) allegedly showing Sam holding an iPad over his face, snapping a photo of his impressive piece half-tucked into his underwear.

Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t have any distinguishable tattoos like underwear model Alex Minsky, so there’s no real way to tell if it’s him.

Head on over to Pop Wrapped to see the uncensored pics. Try not to yawn.