Gay NFL Hopeful Michael Sam Allegedly Caught Sending Nudes Through Grindr

michael-sam-nudesIn the grand tradition of gay men longing to see what their favorite celebrities are packin’, gossip blog Pop Wrapped has published a Grindr screenshot of what they claim to be “exclusive full-frontal nudes” of NFL draft hopeful Michael Sam.

Previously, the Internet’s not-so-trusty gossip blogs have “outed” Green Bay Packers and 49ers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick, but this is perhaps the first time an openly gay football player has been the target for snooping gay sleuths.

The evidence: A Grindr screenshot (conveniently plastered by a Pop Wrapped logo) allegedly showing Sam holding an iPad over his face, snapping a photo of his impressive piece half-tucked into his underwear.

Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t have any distinguishable tattoos like underwear model Alex Minsky, so there’s no real way to tell if it’s him.

Head on over to Pop Wrapped to see the uncensored pics. Try not to yawn.


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  • tricky ricky

    blessed would be a most apt description

  • Merv

    If it is him, he’s smart enough to keep his face shots separate from his dick shots.

  • Mark

    How completely unexpected.

  • Cam

    His agent should be thrilled. They will find out that with a gay player there won’t be any unexpected women showing up suing for child support.

  • jezuzchrist

    This could be anyone. SHOW ME FACE!

  • mz.sam

    Whoever this dude really is…Dat’s-a nice piece of Nut-ella mocha meat!

  • dylan

    From experience, they are his lol and who on grindr in Columbia, MO hasn’t been sent these.

  • Fitz

    Yawn is right– not that he isn’t crazy hot. Not that he isn’t well endowed.. just “nudes” aren’t so scandalous to me. Look– if you have a Grinder or Gowlr, and you’ve used it– your Pics ARE out there. They simply ARE. accept it. Someone someday will match your real name with that pic of you straddling your iPhone. It might be a neighbor, or an employer, or your uncle Joe.

  • Aromaeus

    @mz.sam: please don’t fetishize black men by calling them nutella or mocha. It’s offensive.

  • NG22

    If that is Michael, his whole fucking body is just so sexy. Biceps, pecs, abs, ass, dick. I want it all. He’s unbelievably hot.

  • Icebloo

    I don’t think this is Michael Sams. Michael’s chest is much bigger if you look at the video of him dancing in the bar with no shirt on which was circulated a few weeks ago. I think this is yet another attempt to smear him and push him down the rankings.

  • redcarpet

    What gay guy under 40 DOESN’T have at least a few shirtless pics floating around out there somewhere in this day and age? It would be strange if he didn’t.

  • SteveDenver

    Dang! I wish I COULD BE ACCUSED of such a photo. Yumbozino!

  • viveutvivas

    Am I the only one noticing his ass?

  • nudewoody

    “caught” That makes it sound like it is wrong!

  • Dan Shill

    Nice body, and nice dick… whoever it is… but that torso is definitely too small to be Michael Sam’s. Just another fakeout.

  • NG22

    @viveutvivas: No. You are not. That ass is giving me life. I want to see that ass get fucked.

  • LifeNewbie20s

    @Aromaeus: No it’s not. It’s a compliment. Just like saying someone with blond hair has “golden locks”. I

  • JohnnyCorby

    The video of Michael Sam at the NFL Combine proves he is both hung and uncut. This Grindr guy look cut to me.

  • sarajon

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  • dajb330

    Unfair for him that someone would make him” caught” Grindrr is an apt for men to meet men so it should be left to that not made public or to be COUGHT that way , instead kept private between men.

  • MMDD

    @viveutvivas: Definitely not. A man’s ass is usually the first thing I notice, and his is mighty, mighty fine.

  • Black Pegasus

    It’s a hoax! Michael is a little heavier in the midsection. The guy pictured is leaner.

  • Niall

    Did anyone see that vid of him dancing shirtless at a club? Looking at that, I don’t think this is him, this person looks much leaner while Michael Sam is a lot more bulky.

  • SpunkyBunks

    Dayum Sam! He’s fine. I have no issues with this whatsoever. Grindr is an adult app, what’s the problem? I don’t use it, is nudity a problem? I use other apps.

  • Geoff B

    Thuth be told, I think Grindr is silly. That’s fine. It wasn’t made for me. I’m out of the demo and I I’ve been in a commited relationship since before it came to be. I’m not gonna clutch my pearls at those who use it though. Who knows, if it had come out in the mid 90s, maybe I would have used it. Until I hear stories of Sam beating up people or abusing animals, I don’t care what he does off the field. I’d advise Sam to be judicious about who has “questionable pictures” and to be safe, but other than that, hell, it’s his life.

  • Kangol

    Whoever the guy is in the photo, he has a beautiful body, but Michael Sam is physically bigger and thicker. He may have nude selfies floating around out there, and I see nothing wrong with it. He wouldn’t be the first male or female athlete, gay or straight (Greg Oden, etc.) to have nude selfies on the Net. But let’s wait until those appear, because this one isn’t him.

  • GayBacon

    That isn’t Michael Sam. While Michael Sam is very athletic and built, he does have somewhat of a belly and isn’t as tight/cut. I mean, he’s a defensive end.

    Anyway, my bf looks like Michael Sam and has a piece to match XD

  • Spike

    Hmm, black man, big dick, gotta be him.

  • wpewen

    56 yr old guy saw Harvey Milk at 78 parade in SF-this is NOT what we expected a major gay publication from San Francisco to be about. It’s just a porn rag with stuff about Judy Garland. So far from anything most of were about in the gay movement. Too bad.

  • remyfacade

    Even if it is him what is the problem? He is openly homosexual and grindr is a gay site.

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