Gay Rejects Coke After Frist, Carville Commercial

Those of you who watched the Super Bowl probably saw this Coke commercial featuring pundit James Carville and former Senate majority Bill Frist reconciling their differences over some nice cold Cokes.

The ad agency responsible for this cutesy display definitely deserves points for exploiting America’s political madness, but World Class Stupid wags a finger at the advert’s grotesque rejection of realism. Read a mere part of the diatribe, after the jump…

We have our differences, the commercial seems to say. But let’s just ignore them, celebrate our similarities and everything will be okay.

This is absolute bullshit.

Bill Frist’s point of view isn’t just different. He doesn’t just think Congress should ignore the Constitution and fund the Boy Scouts, a group that discriminates against gays. He doesn’t just think we need to change the Constitution to specifically prohibit gay marriage. He doesn’t just think gays don’t make fit parents.

He thinks police should break into the homes of gay men and arrest them if they’re having sex.

[Frist] crosses the line between average Republican idiot and extremist nutjob.

I am absolutely mystified that Coke thought they could make a warm and fuzzy commercial with this guy. I’m pissed off that they think we should tolerate, if not embrace, an avowed bigot who thinks gays are evil. I mean, would they suggest that Spike Lee go out for a burger with Ku Klux Klan head David Duke? Should Woody Allen just shrug his shoulders and share a popcorn and a movie with Mel Gibson’s dad?

That’d be ridiculous, right? We wouldn’t think of legitimatizing and enriching these nutjobs until they did some apologizing — as in groveling, on their hands and knees. It’d take some serious backpedalling before we’d think about “sharing a smile.”

So, sorry, Coke — I’m not going to agree to disagree. I’m not going to step outside and change my view. And I suggest if you want gay people to continue buying your products, you need to apologize too.

Feh. We’re all about consumer rebellion, but there’s no way in hell we’re giving up our Diet Coke. The withdrawal alone would kill us – and nobody wants that. Except for Frist, of course.

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