Three-panel image. On the left, a blonde and fit shirtless man wearing a thin chain necklace looks off as he talks into his phone in a clip from TikTok. In the middle panel, Kelly Osbourne talks in an episode from 'The View.' She has light purple hair styled on top of her head with shaved sides and thick winged eyeliner. She wears a white collared shirt and black tie under a leather jacket. In the far right panel, a man with long black hair and a thin black mustache stands wearing a black t-shirt. He wears glasses and has his hand passionately raised in the midst of a TikTok video. Captioning on the screen reads: "No I mean in the sense that (oooh um) (let's not)"

Kelly Osbourne becoming a TikTok meme for an out of touch comment she made in 2015?

Oh, that’s not –– who are we kidding? It’s kind of hilarious.

The new viral trend –– which has garnered nearly 350 million views –– all started after this clip from The View (which is oft-shared on Gay Twitter X) began making the rounds on TikTok.

Back in 2015, The View panel was discussing then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump‘s comments about immigration on the campaign trail. (Ugh, we were all so naive back then.)

That’s when a purple-haired Kelly Osbourne stated: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?”

Obviously, Osbourne’s phrasing was not the anti-racism serve that she thought it was.

And immediately, her fellow panelists tried to walk it back. (Most notably, Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez appears to say, “Oh… that’s not.”)

For what it’s worth, Osbourne quickly apologized for her statement on Facebook, writing, “It is my hope that this situation will open up a conversation about immigration and the Latin community as a whole. By the way I clean my own f*cking toilets.” Oop!

Furthermore, Perez accepted the apology with a tweet calling Osbourne’s heart “so pure & righteous.”

Still, that didn’t stop chronically online gays from using the clip as a reaction video anytime a similarly problematic statement arose.

But after the nearly 9-years-old video hit TikTok, users like @jamesssryan got even more creative with spins on Osbourne’s misguided phrasing.



I love this trend

♬ original sound – James Ryan

“If you kick every twink out of this country, who do you think is going to be folding your clothes, Zara?” he joked in the video, which has since accumulated over 763,000 views.

(And having stepped foot in the fast fashion retailer, we think he’s got a point. LOL.)

Twinks aren’t the only ones getting roasted, either.

As @trisarahhtop proposed: “If you kick out every gay guy from Twitter, then who is going to be body shaming you, female pop singers?” Oof.


@trisarahhtop am i wrong??)!- #fypシ #kellyosbourne #ohthatsnot ♬ original sound – s a r a h h

Then again, @eli_orwhatever might have spilled with this rendition: “If you kick every they/them out of this country, then who is going to be making your drinks, Starbucks?”

(“A valid question tho,” he captioned the video, which has been viewed a whopping 12 million times.)



A valid question tho

♬ If you kick every they them out of this country – Eli orWhatever

Still, the best contribution might have come from queer content creator @trippy_pisces.

“If you kick all queer women out of the US, who’s going to be watching the National Women’s Soccer Team play?” she asks. (Cue the Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger discourse!)


@trippy_pisces Oh that’s not… #fyp #fypage #lgbt #queer #soccer #uswnt #uswntsoccer #womenssoccer #kellyosbourne ♬ original sound – Maeve⭐️

Alright, that’s it. We’re feeling WAY too targeted.

Despite the viral moment, Miss Osbourne herself has yet to comment on the meme. But if she does, we’re sure she will choose her words very carefully.

Check out more of our favorite “Oh that’s not” videos from gay TikTok creators below.

@brittanypanzer dc: @Eli orWhatever #kellyosbourne #ohthatsnot #inthesensethat ♬ original sound – Brittany Panzer
@chrisisainmdom And if you kick videos live rent free in my head always #charlixcx #gay ♬ original sound – That Irish Gay 🌈☘️ Love phoebe #fyp #kellyosbourne #pharb #phoebebridgers #strangerinthealps #music #punisherphoebebridgers ♬ original sound –
@flavioandflavio Kelly osbourne threw the first brick #ohthatsnot #fyp #latino ♬ original sound – Flavio and Flavio
@griffinmaxwellbrooks Oh thats not… ily kelly osbourne thank you for birthing a hilarious meme #slay ♬ original sound – GMB
@that_arieskid oh thats not.. #fffffffffffyyyyyyyyyyypppppppppppp #foryoupage #ohthatsnot #inthesensethat #kellyosbourne ♬ original sound – MxHs19

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