Gay Writer Explains Why “Sacrificing His Sexuality To God” Is A Beautiful Thing

yoFormer Entertainment Weekly writer Grady Smith isn’t sure why he’s catching so much flack for “Coming Out As A Christian” in a blog post last week, in which he described feeling “embarrassed” and “censored” for being a gay man in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The essay itself is pretty much an advertorial for American beer brand Rolling Rock. But what’s even more interesting than just another letter about the “persecution” of Christians is the follow-up post he wrote Thursday — that’s the one where he admits to “silently suffering” over the agony of wanting to have gay sex and not wanting to offend his god. In it, he says that choosing to remain abstinent and “sacrificing my own sexuality to God” is a liberating and beautiful thing.

In an effort to field the “accusations and insults” he’s had to endure on social media (aww, poor him), the self-described “work in progress” explains why obeying the laws of a god who oppresses the happiness of his followers is not a “shameful” thing:

What do I mean by the term gay Christian? That’s simple. I mean that I’m a Christian man who believes Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. I believe he died and rose again and offers a way to Heaven for all people. I also happen to be a guy that finds himself attracted to other guys. Please hear this: those two facts are not mutually exclusive!

Now, I choose to not act on my gay desires because I think scripture makes it pretty clear that that’s not God’s ideal plan for people. I’m not angry or jaded about that fact, nor do I look at sacrificing my own sexuality to God as a tragedy. To me, it’s simple obedience — and it is not shame-based. I know that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Heck, I was created in His very image! (And so were you!) But, like every other Christian that’s ever lived, I’m simply in the ongoing process of learning how to not give in to every natural desire that I feel — whether that has to do with sex or not.

If you’re in the mood for a real hoot, scroll down to his blog’s comments section. It’s a grand collection of religious fanatics who will no doubt use this essay as against us in the future. Sigh.


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