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Gay YouTuber Dave Rubin says he “might kill” a teacher if they talk to his son about sexuality

Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Gay, right-wing YouTuber Dave Rubin has gone off on one about what teachers can and can’t talk to kids about.

Rubin, 46, used to define himself as progressive. He made a name for himself in the late 00s with the LGBTQ talk shows like The Ben and Dave Show on Here TV.

However, since that time he has turned right-wing, writing books and espousing his views via The Rubin Report on YouTube (1.7m subscribers).

A recent episode had him addressing a viewer’s concerns about what teachers can talk to kids about in schools. Rubin said that all states should enact laws similar to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill (the Parental Rights in Education bill).

“They want to abuse children”

“How can we put a stop to this kind of insanity? Should the parental rights in education bill in Florida be adopted into other states or is that still not enough?,” Rubin asked.

“Look, that’s a start. That is a start but it is not enough. So, first off, of course, every state should model the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which has nothing to do with being gay.

“It’s simply that you do not want six-year-olds being taught anything about sexuality or gender by state educators, and especially if they can keep that information private from the parents.

“Just imagine, I mean, I’ve thought about this — so now Justin’s six years old, he’s in first grade, imagine if I found out that, actually, for three months there was a teacher talking to him about gender or sexuality.

“Maybe calling him Justine instead of Justin, and I didn’t know about that. I might kill that person. That’s where we’re at, right?

“So, unless you don’t want these people to be killed — and I mean this somewhat flippantly — like, they want to abuse children. They want to abuse children.”

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Dave Rubin faces conservative backlash after announcing surrogacy

You might think Rubin would know better than to threaten death to someone, whether flippant or not. Although he has a large following on the right, some of his followers revealed their deep-rooted homophobia when he and his husband, David Janet revealed earlier this year that they were to become dads via surrogacy. Many expressed disgust and disappointment.

Rubin has also complained about death threats sent to his employees and colleagues after the publication of one of his books.

One would also have hoped Rubin would know something about growing up gay and the importance of supportive adults and teachers.

Advocacy group HRC was just one of many LGBTQ organizations to slam Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ when it became law in June.

Joni Madison, HRC’s Interim President, said at the time, “School policy should focus on education, not discrimination. Governor DeSantis’s ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ law is a shameful attack on students already struggling with the weight of discrimination.

“It is a slapdash, mean-spirited, impossible-to-comply-with law designed to make LGBTQ+ students feel shame and isolation at school, a place where every child deserves a chance to learn and succeed.”

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