George Bush Works Out At A Gay Gym Now That He’s Done Persecuting Gays

You may recall that George W. Bush promised to pursue a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage during his 2004 re-election campaign. During that time, his Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Republican National Committee chairperson Ken Mehlman also spearheaded an effort to get states to place marriage equality bans on their ballots just to scare social conservatives into the ballot boxes. Well now that that’s all over (just like the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions are all over), Yeehaw McStarWars apparently enjoys a nice mid-day workout at VIDA, Washington DC’s gay gym. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, cowboy.

Image via Brightest Young Gays Twitter account

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  • Kevin

    Now that he’s done persecuting gyms? :D

  • phallus

    Less we forget W was a puppet. Hard to find a gym nodays that’s not gay.

  • Ernst

    @Kevin: Now, now, it’s not like these people write for a living.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Kevin: Zing! You got us! We’ve fixed the headline. Thanks.

  • Michael

    It was rumored Bush has had gay sex and, sorry, you just don’t end up at a gay gym by “accident”…

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    Great another evil human being that is supposed to be gay?

  • Michael

    This braindead yokel is STILL an embarrassment in more ways then one.

  • Tommy Shepherd

    I hope he gets rejected in the steam room for being old, by a hot 20 year old.

  • Kevin

    @Ernst: Cute!

  • Tommy

    I live in DC and Vida isn’t an exclusively gay gym. There are plenty of straight people who go there. It has quite a few branches and is the most convenient for a lot of people. Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t live in DC.
    Now, almost every gym has quite a few gay members so in a way every gym is sort of gay. Gay men just are a lot more into fitness and working out than straight men. But there’s no gym Bush or anyone else could go to that wasn’t a little bit gay.

  • Lefty

    @Daniel Villarreal: You put mistakes in on purpose to get people commenting!!!
    It’s all a cunning ruse, yes indeed…

  • Ray

    And why the fuck did those boot licking queens just let him work out in peace??? At the very least someone should have made it loud and clear at the top of their lungs he wasn’t welcome there.

  • Adman

    @Daniel Villarreal: Zing? Really, zing? You’re fucking kidding right?

  • christopher di spirito


    So the Chimp works out at a gay gym? Those rumors about Jeff Gannon sleeping over at the White House over a period of three years while Pickles was back in Dallas are true after all?

    The Chimp is a total bottom if you ask me.

  • jason

    There is no such thing as a gay gym. If there’s no dating service for it, it’s not gay. Ever heard of a dating service for gay gyms?

    Maybe for gay Jims.

  • Riker

    @Ray: And what right would any other customer have to do that? You can get thrown out of a gym for harassing another member.

  • tjr101

    @Riker: What right did Georgie have to harass the lgbt population for 8 years!?!

  • trevor bartlet

    Sometimes a gym is just a gym myopic dopes.

  • Robert

    Wow, bitter much people? Let him work out wherever he wants. He’s giving that gym his money and support, so who cares? If we spread the hate, when are we ever going to be respected? That will just be another reason to be hated. You can’t fault the guy too bad for following his party’s wishes, and you have to respect the man for being a total dope and winning reelection.

  • George M

    You’re right Robert
    It’s not his fault he followed his party, he was never strong enough to do anything other then follow.

    Being real I don’t give a —- what the man does, workout where ever

  • Robbie K.

    Do not tell me he did a Zumba class….

  • Red Meat

    Am I the only one who would prefer Bush over any of the crazyz running today? He was much nicer at least…

  • ewe

    Well where else would one go if they need a good trainer?

  • Reason

    GWB followed his convictions, enough with the he gets a pass because he is not bright. W is a lot brighter than the average American, and used that oh feel sorry for me plus compassionate conservatism to ride into a second term. I disagree with a lot of his policy and will call him out on it, but if I saw him in public I would proudly shake his hand.

  • ewe

    @Reason: Proud to be you or proud for him being a former president? Question? Would you curtsy for the Queen as well? If so why? Do you think it shows some sort of cultured attribute within yourself? Do you think people should “play house” just because so many do it so often?

  • Queer Supremacist

    It couldn’t possibly have been a gay gym. He got out alive.

    Isn’t “gay gym” a redundant statement anyway?

  • reason

    @ewe: GWB lead our country, and as flawed as it is I still love it. He took on a difficult job, one that I would never take, and executed it to the best of his ability. I guess that I don’t doubt that ultimately he wanted to make America a better country, maybe in a way that I don’t agree with, but that is worthy of some amount of respect. Also, showing GWB dignity is a sign of the respect for the office he held. If I was old enough to understand what Regan did when he was alive I likely wouldn’t have shaken his hand, but I also wouldn’t have yelled at him in a gym. As far as I can tell you have absolutely no respect for that office, or the people that have recently served in it. Why would I curtsy for the Queen? She has absolutely nothing to do with this country, I would rather dine with Newt Gingrich than her.

  • Lefty

    “gay gym” is a tautology.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    @reason: @Robert:

    You are both very lucky, as well as deeply sociopathic, that as gay men, Bush’s policies never effected you one iota.

    Who cares about the Iraqi people? Poor gay couples who could do with marriage to help them out? Etc etc

    Nice people you are.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Reason: You opine, “…but if I saw him [Bush] in public I would proudly shake his hand.”

    Proudly shake his hand? What are you, some self-loathing member of GOProud?

    Listen nitwit, your boy Bush wanted to amend the United States Constitution to outlaw marriage equality in all 50 states. He broke international law and the Geneva Convention and carried out torture and waterboarding.

    So go ahead and “proudly shake” Bush’s paw but afterward, I would kick you in the ass to knock some sense into you.

  • Michael


    With all due respect shaking his hand would be like shaking the hand of the devil himself.

    This man was pure evil and still is he did everything in his power to ban gay marriage gay rights etc…He was against us from the very beginning and his cowardly wife who now claims she supports us said nothing and just stood by him agreeing with everything he said and did supporting him like a good little stepford wife.Sorry thats my opinion on the matter.

  • ewe

    @reason: You are as opinionated about me as you are a kiss ass for corruption.

  • ewe

    @reason: I can see it now. You with your silver spoon slowly swirling sugar in your tea with your pinky held way up in the air because…. Well because you are so concerned with how things look. Dainty little thing toward someone who uses tanks and weapons and lies to kill hundreds of thousands of people in your name. Idiot. Fool. Creton. Jackass. Dumb fuck. Don’t forget to fold your napkin and place it back on the table before you go to the restroom. No elbows on the table either. You kook. I hope you wake up one day from your dead sleep and realize you foster hate because of your politeness toward these horrible hatemongers who shit out the word gODD to rationalize every vicious thing they do. Give me a slogan Reason? How about “leave no child behind.” Sounds good huh? Go lick his balls. That’s right up your alley.

  • Chris

    Look I hate GWB as much as the next guy, but this headline is blatantly false and really needs to be changed. Vida is not a “gay gym.”

  • Hephaestion

    My impression is that Vida is gay-owned. I saw the management on TV once and they were definitely gay. But there are other gayer gyms in DC… there are other gayer gyms in that same neighborhood. Results is the gayest gym I’ve seen in DC and has the biggest float at Gay Pride every year, though some of their locations are more heavily gay than others.

  • yarrr

    Um, that looks Photoshopped…

  • Jay

    @Tommy: Sure. Vida has a few straight women, and the rare straight guy. But its clientele is predominantly gay, as in >90% gay.

  • Dave

    Translation of black gay dude’s facial expression: “I wonder if that Secret Service stud over there would tackle me if I stuck my tongue in Dubya’s ear on ‘cheese’? Heh heh…that’d be awesome.”

  • Dionte

    He looks fit.

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