Get His Look: Macklemore’s Pimped Out Thrift Shop Cool


When he’s not working towards equality, winning awards, being accused of jacking beats, or coming out of imaginary closets, Macklemore keeps busy thrift shopping and filling up his closet. Ben Haggerty’s personal style is a mix of laid back West Coast and BoHo chic, and the Seattle native is a fan of both basics and outlandish garbs. See how to get his looks below, including one of his own creations.

Tank Tops


Macklemore Merch, $22 

Dyed Denim Shirt


Roger David, $89.99 

Foral Button-Downs


Esprit, $48.94

Designer Shades


Versace, $220

Wild Cat Fur

furSnow Leopard fur shirt, $420

Color Suit


Paul Smith, $1,890

Photos via Instagram

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  • orjeffy

    Why is his name pronounced Mack LeMore instead of Mackle More?

  • Jake357

    So…. You get a thrift store look by spending thousands? Gay douchery rears its ignorant head once again. And the irony! Oh, the irony! LOL! Dumbasses.

  • thegoon

    @Jake357: My exact thoughts. I hate Macklemore twenty times more of this article.

  • Niall

    @orjeffy: Ikr? I had an argument with a friend on this last week lol.

  • offbeatoh86

    Queerty, you don’t understand this thrift shop thing. The point is to actually buy clothes at the thrift shop!

  • Katbox

    One costs nickels and dimes while the other costs a fortune.
    You should know the difference!

  • Cagnazzo82

    @offbeatoh86: Haha, seriously.

  • balehead

    Vintage stores are amazing!!

  • DarkZephyr

    Personally, I think he is hot. I am also hoping to learn to tune out the trolly cattiness that never ceases to rear its head around here.

    @thegoon: You *hate* him? Why? Hatred is a very strong thing. Don’t you think that is over the top?

  • DB

    I am assuming this post is a joke? Macklemore would never pay more than about $25 for any clothing and he would be the first to tell you that if you try to dress like him or copy someone else, then you are getting ‘swindled and pimped’. Whoever wrote this post is ‘ignorant bi*ch shit’. Honestly, Macklemore would never wear a brand name unless it was purchased used. He is vehemently opposed to that whole concept.

  • DB

    @thegoon: You should hate ‘Queerty’, because it obviously knows NOTHING about Macklemore. Macklemore is frankly the most brilliant musician active today. Yes, the fact that he is the greatest hero for gay civil rights and marriage in hip hop or any musical or artistic genre also makes him even more amazing. I also admire his anti-consumerist message (he would be repulsed by this post and this clothing list). As his songs ‘I Can Fly’ and ‘Thrift Shop’ point out brilliantly, he prefers to pay 99 cents for all of his clothing.

  • DB

    @offbeatoh86: Exactly. Queerty is ‘some ignorant bi*ch sh*t’.

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