Getting Lost On The Way To Werq: The WTF Streetstyle Photos From NYFW

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Well there you have it. New York Fashion Week has come and gone again. During the back to back shows, the throngs of “fashion elite” had time to pose for street style “photographers.” Before we bid NYFW farewell let’s take a look at some of the more questionable takes on personal “style.”

960x540 (1)

We’re all about paying homage to our favorite icons, but we’d rather do it by not looking like a troll doll.
960x540 (2)You know you’re in trouble when a chic 9 year old is judging the hell out of your outfit behind you.

960x540 (3)I’m sure there’s an easy “ball” joke to make here, but he’s already made himself a joke with those ill fitting bike shorts.

960x540 (4)Let’s not.

960x540 (5)I had something super shady to say about “Marge Simpson realness” until the girl in the Adidas jersey dress turned it out!

960x540They probably hoped creating an optical illusion would distract from their lack of taste.


With all the trashbags around, he’s got the right idea to cover his mouth.


One is going to Coachella and the other is going to a very fabulous gym. Either way they don’t belong at NYFW.


Not wasting my time. If you really want to see how dumb these people are then watch this.

shehashadit-tuesday-2Literally the only model off duty photos we want to see.

NYFW SS14 Street StyleIf Barney could afford to show at Barney’s we’d assume this is what he’d be all about.


Cows and zebras don’t hang out in the wild. That being said, their prints shouldn’t either.


Part of me wants to say “WERQ MAMA!” and the other part of me knows he had to change in the bathroom of the Starbucks he works at right after this was shot.

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