Getting Naked in Cosmo Was an Awesome Campaign Move for ‘Hunk’ Scott Brown

By now we all know that Scott Brown, the Massachusetts state senator looking to fill Ted Kennedy’s federal seat, stripped down for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1982, where he was a “sexiest man” candidate. But little did we know that showing nearly everything in a national magazine was good for your campaign! As Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn describes it, Brown “is a hunk” and posing semi-nude “gave him a huge advantage in terms of public recognition.”

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  • Nick

    I bet the wingnuts would go apeshit if it was a Democrat that posed semi-nude. Rethuglicans get a free pass, natch!!!

  • UgoBoy

    He’s smokin’ hot! Democrats always blow gaskets when Repubs pose nude… Carrie Prejean anyone? Good for him – great to see rightwingers rally behind this stud!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Wait until Sarah Palin hitches up her skirt for the red, white and blue. Oh, she has?

  • Cam

    No. 2 · UgoBoy said..
    He’s smokin’ hot! Democrats always blow gaskets when Repubs pose nude… Carrie Prejean anyone?

    Nobody would have given a shit about her posing (Which wasn’t posing but was rather filming several sex tapes), but rather the comments were because she held herself up as a judge of all things holie and religious. Hypocricy is always going to be a target and don’t try to sneak on here and hide the fact that that is what her downfall was really about.

  • UgoBoy

    And the gasket blows again. :)

  • ggreen

    You have hit a new low quoting Sally “Queen of Douche Bags” Quinn. Never has anyone gone so far on so little talent.

  • sal(the original)

    whats up with these republicans and a nudity free pass?carrie now this tool

  • alan brickman

    it merely proves He will do “anything” to get ahead……

  • Joyce

    Eat your heart Dem’s. You only wish it was you. Here is a man who actually campaigned on what is good for the country and actually listened to the majority of the people in this country. Can you say that for your Obama, who has a socialistic agenda, and is in the power grab mode. If this unbelievable change can happen in Massachusettes, it can happen in any state.

    Democrats, we employed you by voting for you, and now we are going to fire you, for not caring about us. You should worry. Try listening to the people, instead of bribing and paying off politicians in back room shenanigans. Shame shame shame. The people have spoken, and will keep speaking. Listen to us.

  • Tartuffe


  • SoWhat?

    how big is his cock? that’s all i care about.

  • Poor Delusional Republicans

    Get a grip, Joyce. Wake up. Are you stupid enough to buy the bullshit that the Republican machine actually gives a damn about you or the common man. This country has needed some degree of universal healthcare coverage for at least 20 years. If Hillary’s original proposal in 1993 was so “evil,” so be it. But what was the Republican alternative then? Hmmm. Nothing! Yeah, I thought so. But when they had their own flunky in power for eight years–yeah, George W.–where was the Republican plan for universal healthcare then? Again, nothing! Yeah, I though so . . . . a total lack of leadership on what affects all Americans once again. Rethugs = Rich looking out for their own.

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