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Glee‘s Ryan Murphy Would Never Make a Big Deal Out of 2 Gay Character Kissing

I hate it on TV shows, and there’s one show that I won’t name right now, where it’s like ‘Why aren’t these character kissing? Don’t they have a child?’ That’s ridiculous to me. I don’t understand it. … If I did it on my show, I would just have them do it in every scene and not have a big deal about it. I don’t think that you have to announce a very special episode. Weren’t they doing it back on Roseanne? It is just so outdated and archaic to me and as a gay man, I would never do that. I would make it very organic and do it several times and not make it a stunt

Ryan Murphy, the big gay creator of big gay show Glee, about a certain competing network’s show that isn’t showing the gay characters smooch. Murphy’s own musical show is planning its first lesbian kiss; Glee filmed the episode yesterday. Does this also mean we’re going to see Kurt get some boy action? [via]