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Gloria Gaynor Not Down With Gays?

The gays may love Gloria Gaynor, but the disco diva doesn’t seem to be loving the gays. The “I Will Survive” singer told Britain’s Radio 4 that she’d like to “lead” gays to Christ, whatever that means.

Host Jane Little asked Gaynor how she feels about being a gay icon, to which Gaynor replied:

I feel good about it because I feel it is a platform for my purpose, which is to bring the love of Christ to all of my fans.

Little then wondered whether Gaynor saw her fame as “an evangelistic thing” and whether Gaynor has “a religious opposition to homosexuality?”

Gaynor didn’t go so far as to say that she thinks gays are hell bound, but did say:

I want to lead [gays] to Christ and what he has for them. I want to lead them to him, I want to lead them to truth.

Tenacious in her line of questioning, Little asked Gaynor point blank: “Do you see homosexuality as something sinful?” And, again, Gaynor replied, “I want to lead them to Christ, simply, and whatever he has for them.” Yikes, what does that mean?

Is Gaynor referring to Jesus’ patented anti-sinner laser beams or his penchant for atomic wedgies. It’s been ages since we read The Bible – especially the New Testament – so we’re pretty stumped. Maybe, though, Gaynor’s referring to a heavenly disco. We hear Jesus danced like an angel.

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