Good Morning America Shoved Britney Spears’ Drag Queens Off Camera (But Her Dad Grabbed A Pic)

OH SNAP — At yesterday’s Good Morning America taping of Britney Spears’ San Francisco concert, “a very sweet man with a deep Southern drawl” asked drag queen Pollo Del Mar (“The Queen of San Francisco Media”) and her event co-host, fellow Trannyshack staple Heklina, for a photo. It turns out his name was Jamie. As in Jamie Spears, father of Britney. The pop star even tweeted the photo — but that was about as much love as Pollo and Heklina received yesterday. That’s because, Pollo writes in an email, “Good Morning America went soooo far out of it’s way to make sure there were no drag queens in the opening segment with Robin [Roberts] & Sam [Champion].” Fellow drag performers Juanita More, Donna Sachet, and Sister Roma also prepped fans before Britney’s entrance (where she gave a shout out to the LGBT teens seated in the front). The taped performance airs tomorrow morning, and we certainly don’t know how GMA producers will edit the footage, and whether the queens will make the broadcast. But remember, this is the same network that booted Adam Lambert from making network appearances after his same-sex American Music Awards kiss, but is urging domestic abuser Chris Brown to come back to GMA after throwing a violent tantrum last week. UPDATE: As you know from the special’s airing on Tuesday morning, the drag queens were MIA.

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  • Charlie

    Uh oh, I wouldn’t want to be a news organization that trifled with Heklina, her Trannyshack fan base is pretty loyal.

    Just say the word, Heklina!

  • christopher di spirito

    Pollo Del Mar and Heklina are some hot bitches. This isn’t the first time GMA did something antigay.

    It’s ironic considering all the queens who work for ABC in New York City.

    I won’t name names but I will say their on-air weatherboy, golden blonde hair and perfect smile, is gayer than Tom Ford and a much nicer person.

  • Chase Martin

    So according to Good Morning America, it’s okay to beat the sh*t out of a woman as long as you don’t act like one.

  • TheWeyrd1

    ABC just really has two personalities that couldn’t be more opposite. On one hand they LOVE their fictional queers and have a lot of them on evening shows. On the other hand they seem to HATE the real queers and go out of their way to snub them. I just can’t figure out how they think that no one will notice this dichotomy!

  • T

    Mr. Spears needs a better camera. You never know when you’re going to come across a pair of fabulous drag queens.

  • Scott Bonzitski

    I always find it “interesting” AND bi”ass” to pick and choose what goes into a show. People have the RIGHT to choose what they want to see [or change the station/channel] and have it reported/shown in order that THEY may make an unbi”ass” decision. I do not understand why [some] people think THEY need to censor things. Maybe, just maybe THEY are bi”ass”…? O’well, there ARE other places/channels to watch and spend our money…SB

  • Red Meat

    “But remember, this is the same network that booted Adam Lambert from making network appearances after his same-sex American Music Awards kiss, but is urging domestic abuser Chris Brown to come back to GMA after throwing a violent tantrum last week.”

    Ha. Nice.


    Pretty ironic that in a segment with a Gay co-host they would be ascared of showing some drag queens……….

    Sam: thanks for the support…….NOT

  • The sane Francis

    In the eyes of these networks, we are basically untouchable entities because our basic existences are too “controversial” and “adult”. We aren’t “family friendly” in their eyes. And yes, the quotes are to represent the bullshit of this belief. So therefore since they see us as not family-friendly, they go out of their way to whitewash our existences. It’s interesting because even in this pretty backward country, I’m quite confident in saying most people wouldn’t care if they showed a drag queen on TV for a couple of seconds or a minute or two. But for some reason these networks seem to treat us like the plague when it comes to these morning shows or awards shows. I guess we’ll see tomorrow during the performance on air in the morning if this is just another instance of blatant homophobia from ABC.

  • Linda

    Interesting because I thought Sam Champion was openly gay. Am I wrong?

  • Kyle

    No, Linda, I think you are thinking of Robin Roberts. She’s gay but not openly gay. GMA is rather homophobic and this isn’t the first time they have been.

  • The sane Francis

    I saw an editing of the GMA video (potentially the final edit? guess I’ll find out in the morning), and I didn’t see the drag queens in the video, but there wasn’t anyone really in the video outside of Britney and her performance, and that was it, it wasn’t as if they obviously cut the drag queens out out of the video. I’m definitely going to wake up to watch and see what happens.


    @Linda: Sam is 100% certified Gay, don’t think he is open on the air but makes no secret on Fire Island as to his sexuality………Interesting Nick Gregory weatherman of Fox5 NY is also Gay……..

    Maybe its something in the air :p

  • CensorhipBlows

    it was a GMA Britney Spears show, not an old drag queen lame ass comedy bore show! they were inappropriate and their schtick was a bore, their faces are a tragedy and they are some pressed queens for not being grateful to just be onstage before the show!!

  • JoeyO'H

    Funny how this pans out after Chris Brown’s tantrem and is urged to come back to GMA but they edit out drag queens at a Britney show in San Francisco, while two of the show’s hosts Robin Roberts and Sam Champion are both gay.

    Brown could have seriously hurt people down on the street… and the little thug knew beforehand the questions he was to be asked.

    Brown was seeking some attention because his album was dropping that day and it backfired in his face.

    ABC is a very bizarre, shady network that makes their rules as they go along to suit their needs.

  • The sane Francis

    So…………did anyone see GMA today? What did you all think? Was there an obvious edited elimination of the drag queens or not?

  • KevinVancouver

    I Don’t watch GMA and I hate britney fuckin spears but I have much love for Heklina and the Trannyshack girls !! Fuck ABC!! Except Modern Family !

  • Linda

    I saw GMA this morning and no, it was not obvious that they were edited out. If you didn’t know they were there in the first place you wouldn’t miss them.


    @KevinVancouver: And “The Middle”!
    Axel is hawt in a frumpy kinda sorta way.

    And the fact that he spends half his air time in his underwear doesn’t hurt……. :p

  • Tallnamaste

    Britney coulda used those drag queens in her routine. The dancers did most of the dancing while Ms Spears posed on various props for the two songs I heard. It was obvious she was saving her energy to chat with Robin and Sam after her sets. She did not appear winded and did not break a sweat! Sam shoulda put his foot down and let those draggers at least have a photo op with him. No kudos for GMA this morning. Namaste, Tall

  • Allen D.

    Am I the only one that saw the 2 drag queens when Robin & whatshisname “arrived” in San Francisco…. and then ‘ran’ to the show with them in tow?!?!

  • Spike

    And this is a surprise? Curious why the SF gays and DQ’s would fall for this bait and switch from the likes of ABC and lip syncher Britney . . . amazing what so called intelligent media savy types will agree to just for a chance to appear on TV.

  • MattGMD

    The photogenic drag queens must have been booked already.

  • Accidental Bear

    It obvious GMA got what they wanted and then moved in not thinking of any backlash. It was most likely an organized cluster fuck of a day and Heklina and others were nothing more than a memo on the clip board. Do I think GMA is homophobic, probably not. But unintentional homophobia is still homophobia. I got the talk with Heklina the next day and she was perturbed but been around bigger stars and better stages. Lets move on and talk about how B. Spears, should have stopped after the Mickey Mouse club.

    Accidental Bear

  • reuben

    GOE BRITNEY!!! I wont watch Goodmorning america anymore, the world is changing, all the celebreties can see that, why dont the networs.

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