GOP Lawmakers Who Met With Caitlyn Jenner Won’t Reveal Their Identities?


Poor Caitlyn Jenner had a humiliating sit-down with some of her gross friends this week — this time a group of Republicans barely willing to be seen in public with her.

Jenner was in Washington on behalf of the American Unity Fund, a group that believes against all evidence that Republicans can be persuaded to support LGBT equality. As we’ve seen, the only time the GOP supports queers is if the politician discovers they have a gay family member, is outed in a sex scandal, or meets a queer person with money. So at least two of those conditions were satisfied by Caitlyn’s visit.

Among those present was Florida (of course) representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, whose son is trans. “Caitlyn is going to continue this outreach and I think it’s a positive message of love and outreach.” Ileana said later.

The other lawmakers who were present scuttled away like cockroaches before they could be identified. When pressed, Ileana refused to say who else was there.

Of course, if it’s a message of “love and outreach” that Caitlyn and Ileana are after, they’ll have a tough time making their case to the party that killed tens of thousands of queer people through the HIV epidemic; that did everything in its power to stop same-sex couples from having even basic rights, and whose party to this day still supports abusive “ex-gay” torture camps.

If only there was a party that actually stood on the side of equality and due process and justice for all. If only.

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