GOP Prefers Thievery To Buggery

Congressional Republicans sure have some queer values.

You’ll recall that the GOP went insane with outrage following Senator Larry Craig’s toilet trolling arrest. So, too, with former Floridian Representative Mark Foley – although, to be fair, that one did involve sexual instant messages with teenage Congressional pages.

In contrast, Louisiana lawmaker David Vitter faced little party opposition after his hooker scandal. This week, meanwhile, there was little indignation over Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’ corruption indictment. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell barely said a word about it, but once demanded an Ethics Committee investigation into the Craig affair.

All of this leads super journalist Margaret Carlson to this not-surprising yet notable observation:

Let’s take a civics quiz. In Congress which is worse: being corrupt or being gay? Time is up. Pencils down. If you answered being gay, you’ve been paying attention, class. Of the 10 Commandments, it is much better to break the one about stealing than the one about sex.

How does that song go? “Teach your children well…”

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  • Rock

    Republicans are homophobic pigs.

  • ggreen

    Margaret Carlson spent the 2000 and 2004 campaign seasons telling America what a he-man George W Bush was and what absolute pussies Al Gore and John Kerry were. In her book about the 2000 election Carlson admitted that she sold out to Bush because the food and booze was better on his campaign plane and Bush helped her forget about her painful unrequited love for Fred Thompson! Margaret you ass hat even a broken clock is right twice per day.

  • George

    not being gay isn’t one of the ten commandments.

  • BobP

    That was a no brainer, since all the republicans are crooks, liars and cheaters who are on the take. Oh and they’re churchgoers, too.

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