GOProud Couldn’t Snag Homophobe Pat Buchanan For Their Summit, So They Got His Sister

GOProud’s executive director Jimmy LaSalvia must’ve been beaming with pride when he announced the featured guest at the group’s October 8 Unity 2012 event in DC would be senior Romney campaign adviser Angela Marie “Bay” Buchanan, sister of firebrand reactionary Pat Buchanan.


“GOProud is focused on defeating Barack Obama and electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November,” LaSalvia told BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner. “Bay Buchanan is a high-profile adviser to Governor Romney’s campaign and we are thrilled that she is going to be our featured guest.”

According to her Twitter page, Buchanan is a “proud single mom of 3 boys, author of [a] parenting book, former U.S. Treasurer, political analyst, campaign manager, television pundit [and a] dynamic speaker.”

We can only hope she’s also a little more tolerant than her pundit bro, Pat—who called the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  “the indoctrination of recruits… into an acceptance of the gay life style,” described gay people as “sodomites… literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide”  and opined that in “a healthy society, [homosexuality] will be contained, segregated, controlled, and stigmatized—carrying both a legal and social sanction.”

Oh, that’s not fair, you say! Bay can’t be held accountable for Pat’s verbal diarrhea.

Except that they’re thisclose: She worked on his failed bids for the presidency in the 1990s, and currently runs The American Cause, the right-wing anti-immigration foundation Pat founded in 1993. (The Southern Poverty Legal Center calls American Cause “an echo chamber for [Pat] Buchanan.”)

Still the appearance of a major Romney adviser at a gay event is surprisingly off-message. Then again, what has been on message from those folks?

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  • Dumdum

    I think it is a disservice to the term Gay,both the literal and cultural form of the word.GOProud?What does that even mean?They are proud to count themselves part of an organization dedicated to fostering hate and inequality? Oh we just want less government in our lives.Whining and crying about all the lazy welfare mamas squirting out babies and destroying the fabric of society.All the waste and useless parasites sucking on the withered teat of Lady Liberty.So lets just toss all these disgusting miscreants onto the street,or better yet just drive them into the sea.Or even better we feed the poor to the unemployed middle class,the Elderly and the Disabled.Then once they are gone we have fattened up the old folks and the disabled we turn them into fertilizer or chop them up and feed em to the hogs,no more world hunger.Yee ha!!!I wonder if anyone else in history thought that way? OH YEA! Hitler.

  • hf2hvit

    GOPRICKS…what a bunch of self-loathing scat queens…after the Buchanan siblings
    have SHIT all over gays for their entire careers, they ask, “Please, sir {yes, you can include Bay in that category), may I have another?”.

  • Aidan8

    Trying to imagine what it feels like to CHOOSE to hang around with people who despise you and oppress you. I’m really starting to think that LaSalvia and GOPround and Log Cabiners are actually suffering under something akin to Stockholm Syndrome.

  • ChiChi Man

    They’re not gay. They’re not proud. They bow and scrape before people who despise them and would love to get rid of all gays. I really wish there was another term for them.

  • MK Ultra

    GOProud is just a troll group. I’m serious. They are paid to do nothing but get under gays’ skin and it works everytime.
    We need to troll them back.
    Come up with our own gay conservative gay group, at least in name only. Really they’ll have extremely liberal policies.
    But we’ll pull a fox news “fair and balanced” by giving them a slogan like “true conservatism.
    We’ll prop them up as a true conservative gay group, way more coservative than GOProud but in true Orwellian fashion they will really only support liberal points of view.
    That’ll show those those lop faced, leather skinned, old bitches.

  • Little-Kiwi

    GOProud are a collection of moneyed racist white boys who never grew the balls to stand up to their bigoted families and communities.

    At CPAC this was the “bridge building” they did. THIS is the message they gave to their fellow Republicans.

    pathetic, eh?

    what a queen.

  • Aidan8

    @Little-Kiwi: LOL Pathetic…. but totally amusing. :)

  • Little-Kiwi

    right? what, pray tell, does he think a “stereotypical gay person” is!??

    does he mean those of us that have the balls to defy bigotry, not suck up to bigots.

    that poor deluded queen.

  • Aidan8

    @Little-Kiwi: I can just see him at the family Thanksgiving gathering with all his brawny brothers…. outside throwin’ the “pigskin” and reminiscing about his days at Yale….. trying to “act straight”….. you know, not like those “stereotypical gays” that he “doesn’t like very much.” Douche.

  • pierre

    @Little-Kiwi: @Aidan8: I know that type well: A lady in public and a whore at home.

  • Gigi Gee

    @Little-Kiwi: Thanks for this. I haven’t seen it in a while. I’m surprised the Kock Bros. didn’t try to have it erased from the internet now that Missy Hissey’s gone to work for them. KAPPO!

  • ChristopherM

    They would book Shirley Phelps-Roper if they could. Pathetic.

  • hf2hvit

    @pierre: WHORES at the bathhouses and airport bathrooms is more like it

  • Michaelmouse1

    Sadly, just as the Black Civil Rights movement had to deal with their “Uncle Toms”, the Gay Civil Rights movement has to deal with its Aunty Mary’s. And What an equally sad , self- loathing, emotionally stunted, self-defeating bunch of damaged queens they are. At the end of the day they will be seen by History for the forces of evil that are are. Unfortunately they merely set back our rights to equality in the meantime . Truly they are forces of the Dark-side.

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