GOProud’s executive director Jimmy LaSalvia must’ve been beaming with pride when he announced the featured guest at the group’s October 8 Unity 2012 event in DC would be senior Romney campaign adviser Angela Marie “Bay” Buchanan, sister of firebrand reactionary Pat Buchanan.


“GOProud is focused on defeating Barack Obama and electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November,” LaSalvia told BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner. “Bay Buchanan is a high-profile adviser to Governor Romney’s campaign and we are thrilled that she is going to be our featured guest.”

According to her Twitter page, Buchanan is a “proud single mom of 3 boys, author of [a] parenting book, former U.S. Treasurer, political analyst, campaign manager, television pundit [and a] dynamic speaker.”

We can only hope she’s also a little more tolerant than her pundit bro, Pat—who called the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  “the indoctrination of recruits… into an acceptance of the gay life style,” described gay people as “sodomites… literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide”  and opined that in “a healthy society, [homosexuality] will be contained, segregated, controlled, and stigmatized—carrying both a legal and social sanction.”

Oh, that’s not fair, you say! Bay can’t be held accountable for Pat’s verbal diarrhea.

Except that they’re thisclose: She worked on his failed bids for the presidency in the 1990s, and currently runs The American Cause, the right-wing anti-immigration foundation Pat founded in 1993. (The Southern Poverty Legal Center calls American Cause “an echo chamber for [Pat] Buchanan.”)

Still the appearance of a major Romney adviser at a gay event is surprisingly off-message. Then again, what has been on message from those folks?

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