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Gregory Gorgeous Will Lead 4 Wannabe Socialites Through Fabulousless On The Avenue

Missing (or dreading the return of) A-List: New York? Don’t believe Bravo will ever greenlight its gay Real Housewives show? Already tired of whatever the hell 1 Girl 5 Gays are mouthing off about? Then let us introduce you to The Avenue, a new Toronto-based reality web series focusing on Internet personality Gregory Gorgeous and a female foursome.

As you know, Queerty has long cheerleaded original web series, from scripted drama In Between Men to Ryan James Yezak’s Texas reality show In The Loop. With LOGO only recently getting its act together by ordering some original series, it’s the web that’s offered the ripest (and usually cheapest) platform for new queer-oriented shows to experiment and find an audience.

And so here is The Avenue (introduced in a trailer above by Mr. Gorgeous), premiering Jan. 25. At first glance, it’s a very The City-y take on being a fabulous young person today. From the show’s description:

The Avenue follows five affluent and ambitious Torontonian twenty-somethings as they fight for the top spot in Toronto’s most exclusive social and professional circles. The series mostly focuses on Gregory, better known as Gregory Gorgeous. Gregory knows everything and everyone, and consequently nothing happens without him hearing about it. Gregory’s right hand girl, Rachel, is a sweet, fun, and carefree party girl – until you cross her. She’s got a dark side and she’s not afraid to let it out sometimes. Rachel and Gregory are also close friends with Claire, a naive but entirely well-intentioned city slicker. Claire doesn’t have a mean bone in her body – and for that reason, drama always seems to cling to her. Arta is a slick and refined socialite with endless connections and equally endless professionalism. The aspiring fashion journalist is calculating, sharp-witted, and always keeps her cool. Finally, there’s Jessica, a dramatic and motivated model who’s often blinded by her own drive and will do anything for her five minutes in the spotlight.

Individually, they’re powerhouses with endless drive and determination to come out on top. So what happens when you throw them all together in Toronto’s best schools, hottest night clubs, and most exclusive A-list events? Watch as the cast become intertwined with elaborate lies, drama, sex, and intrigue only on The Avenue.

This city’s for the taking, but you can’t win a war without spilling some blood on the battlefield…

Yes, we can expect some manufactured drama. And yes, you’re going to notice once again we’ve got a reality show based on talking behind your friends’ backs and acting fabuless at nightclubs. But if a gay cross-dressing man is headlining a new show, does that still count as progress?

Eh, I’m not here to care. I’ll watch anything starring Gregory Gorgeous.

[The Avenue on Facebook; Official Website; Twitter]

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