The way back

Guess which famous out TV star this adorable theater kid grew up to be?

The perfectly positioned blue bandana; the suede vest; the tenderly held copy of Theater Week featuring the cover story “Scott Elliott: Director in Demand”; the bald styrofoam wig mannequin: Check, check, check, check.

This can only mean one thing–Annie Get Your Gun.

So who is this rising star in the wings? this wellspring of creative potential? this joyous gay teen steeping in the theater arts?

Why it’s none other than Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

“No caption needed,” Ferguson wrote when he shared the throwback on Facebook.

no caption needed. 🎭 #fbf

Posted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Friday, January 26, 2018

Ignoring that judgment, Ferguson’s husband, Justin Mikita, did throw on a caption:


We’ll admit, this does change a few things.