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  • Screaming Queen

    “pundit”? I think you mean zealot….and if you ask around in Seattle, you’ll find he’s the biggest bully in our community. It’s all unity and community in the Capitol Hill clubs, until Miss Savage gets her panties in a bunch over dress codes, bareback sex (ewwwwh!), or a red umbrella in her drink. *gasps*

    A zealot that’s right half the time is still just a zealot, and just like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, they’re both pieces of traaaaaaaaash!

    Big sloppy gay agenda kiss! mwahhhhhhh!

  • Mark

    You mean Dan (let’s blame prop 8 on black people savage)? How can one be a bigot while trying to fight for civil rights for others? Hey Dan, if you want others to be tolerant of us gays, try being less racist yourself SMH..

  • Miguel

    What a ridiculous post! What is queerty’s problem exactly with Dan Savage’s article for the New York Times? Seems to me to be well written and pretty common sense for a defender of gay rights.
    Maybe it is simply jealousy, since from what I’ve seen of queerty the writers here are pretty low quality hacks. Dan, whatever faults he may have, has written some pretty interesting books, has a sex advice column that has done a lot for demystifying sex in all its myriad forms, he launched the It Gets Better Campaign, which it seems did quite a bit of good, and he is often very funny.

    He is pretty blunt and has strong principles, which some people here apparently think means being a “zealot”. Yeah, he is apalled by the epidemic of bareback sex and the resulting rise of HIV among gay men and states it in no uncertain terms — so what!? So am I and so should any gay man with half a brain and soul.
    As for the accusations that he is racist over the prop 8 thing: look, to state that the black community is on average more homophobic than the white or latino is not racism, it is reality — shown in countless surveys and studies. This should not serve as an excuse for racism, but as a motivation to put particular effort into reaching out to the black community and stimulating a discussion about gay rights.

  • Jeffree

    I disagree with Dan Savage on many issues but think his NYT editorial was really well done. Read it and judge for yourselves.

  • .

    He essentially argued, “C’mon, just give us our way and we will be quiet.”

    This is indistibuishable from the mentality of a petulant 11-year old. Way to go…our best and brightest.

  • Kyle

    @Mark: Look. I live in LA and the most homophobic communities here are Blacks, Hispanics and rightwing Republicans.So, it’s no surprise that they vote the way they do when it comes to gay rights. We keep using the Black history to advance our civil right struggles. That’s well and good for us but most of them don’t wan’t us in their tent and they don’t want us piggybacking our problems to theirs.I guess we are on our own,but one day we’ll also get equality. As for Savage, I don’t understand why but a large majority of my friends also think He is racist. I just don’t believe he is.

  • Brandon

    @Miguel: I must agree with you, queerty pretends to post the “news” free of any agenda but the bitter queen one.

  • Brandon

    @Kyle: I am African American and I do agree with the FACT that it was a large turnout by African Americans who are historically very homophobic that was an intricate part to the whole prop 8 deal. However…some people just believe whatever they want to believe and while Dan was not blaming the African American community, he was only stating FACT, he might have been able to do such in a less confrontational way I guess.

  • Musa

    @Kyle: True that most blacks, hispanics, whatever are usually homophobic, just like most gay folk like Savage are usually racist.Problem arises when gay rights are being voted on by everyone including those very very homophobic ethnic minorities. Wait, is John McCain Black? I guess he is just another regular white homophobe…holding a super huge seat in the senate.

  • GayinVermont

    I can’t stand Dan Savage. He is an Obamabot who thinks if you disagree with Obama you’re probably dangerous and should be locked away.Obama or Savage don’t speak for me. They are both leftwing homophobes.

  • Soupy

    He disagrees with Obama on the issue of gay marriage. You just sound like one of those Obama haters. Perhaps you are a gay white supremecist.

  • GayinVermont

    @Soupy: Ofcourse,,according to libs if you disagree with Obama you are a bigot. i don’t get why 3/4 of the gay community worship Obama.Polls show that 3/4 of the gay community loved this guy even before DADT repeal. WTF??. His DOJ subotaged the real DADT repeal. What has he done for you?. At least McCain fought in wars that have allowed you freedoms to blog.

  • Soupy

    I curious about your reasoning. Can you tell me how fighting in Vietnam allowed freedom for the U.S.? And I’m curious how you gay conservatives think that the right wing cares about you as a gay man and what exactly they would do to protect your freedom and rights?

  • tjr101

    GayinVermont sounds like your typical GOProuder, twisting facts to suit their deluded agenda that somehow Republicans are better for the gay community. Not an ounce of evidence to back it up, just constant rants about how Obama and liberals are bad for America, lol

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